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Get the scoop on the latest travel news and tips by following these 10 Twitter handles.
From the north to the south, check out these six places where the visual splendor of Italy can't be matched.
A traveler declines optional insurance on her rental but gets charged anyway. Here's how you can avoid getting taken for a ride.
Spend three nights in Dallas during the Super Bowl, sign up for a surf-and-yoga camp in Costa Rica, enjoy a five-night Barcelona vacation, tour India, or see Beijing and Shanghai.
Get a few steps closer to taking in Europe's vast array of sights, climates, cultures, and cuisines with nothing but a rail pass and some good advice.
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Sunset over the River Arno, Florence Sunset over the River Arno, Florence
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Reader's Voice
From ellipses: "We're former New Yorkers who are visiting for the first time with our 5-year old. Alas, the city we remember is for the 18+ crowd. Restaurant recommendations? Activities?"
From sixseto: "I read that the best place to exchange money is at American Express next to Spanish Steps, as they don't charge a fee for members. Is this true?"
From kalpikothai: "If we plan a Japan trip on our own, are there tour companies in major hotels that we can use if we make the reservations ourselves?"
From gvmelissa: "My husband and I want a little beach time, some hiking/walking, and good food. We're thinking Costa Rica, Florida, Mexico, or the Caribbean. Any suggestions?"

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