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Most of the Pacific coast of Mexico, especially the central and southern sections, is about as far removed from the Yucatan Peninsula and the Riviera Maya as you can get. Instead of high-rises and chain hotels, you'll find small haciendas, humble hotels and boutique properties.
Bula! Last week we left off just after my dad and I landed in Fiji. This week we continue the journey as we travel to Fiji's second largest island, Vanua Levu.
The Panhandle is a unique for its coastal beauty combining the Spanish moss, wisteria and willow trees of the Old South with Florida's beach world. It's a land unto itself with superior fishing off the Gulf of Mexico, scenic coastal drives through small towns, and a growing cuisine climate known for indigenous ingredients and creative nouvelle courses updating classic seafood dishes.
Contrary to perception, Texas ain't just full of cattle ranchers, controversial political districts, insurance company headquarters and barbecue pits. The state's hill country, for example, is a longstanding destination, thanks to its rivers, ranches and, more recently, wineries, great for quick weekend, fly-drive getaways or extended stays. Located literally in the heart of Texas, boasting 40 cities and towns in the 14,000 square mile area, Hill country should not be missed during the spring.
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Along the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta
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Reader's Voice
From jangaryglascock: "We were in Germany in December 2005 and January 2006. Here's our trip report."
From chris345: "I plan to travel to Shanghai around April 15 2006. I will be traveling alone, and it is my first time in China (can't speak or read Chinese). Since I can't find any organized tour that I like, I will just go on my own. From what I read, Shanghai is not a problem for a solitary traveler. My schedule would be 4 or 5 days in Shanghai, plus 2 side trips to Suzhou and Hangzhou. Here are my questions."
From ritao: "We are going to Myrtle Beach for spring break! It will be our first family spring break beach vacation. Our kids are 11 and 15. Obviously, if the weather is nice, we can play on the beach, but if weather is not great, what else is there to do in and around Myrtle Beach in April? (we don't golf.) Are daytrips to Charleston or Savannah feasible? I'd appreciate any advice."
From mila6062: "Has anyone on the board visited Suriname? Are they American friendly? Any recommendations on lodging?"
From dmetz: "We returned last week from a trip to northern India. The trip was planned through Le Passage to India, and we could not be more pleased. Mahdu Sudan helped us with it, and he listened to what we wanted and made it a reality. We had an independent tour, which meant that we had are own guide and driver at each destination. The sights were selected for us to see, but we could change them. We do not like shopping, so not much was included."

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