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Like the snow, prices keep coming down as well, as there are a lot of hotels, lodges, condos and other places with beds to keep filled this winter.
Remembering that tourism is as good a diplomatic weapon as any, Japan is rolling out a big "Yokoso!" to encourage more foreign visitors to come there.
Okay, sure, we know, it's cold in Canada. Wind chill this week is hovering around zero Fahrenheit. But if you don't mind the cold, Toronto is offering compelling discounts over the next few weeks on some of North America's finest restaurants and a wide range of city attractions, and two Qu┬┐becois cities are making their own winter fun.
Check out these under-$100-a-day deals to Madrid, Barcelona, the Costa del Sol and more!
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Reader's Voice
From Gordon A. Marshall: "My wife and I recently flew to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary on Delta Airlines. As a treat for a once in a lifetime occasion we decided to fly first class. Well, first class isn't first class on Delta. They had no meal for us. They told us that we had to order a meal before we got on the plane (not a special meal mind you, just a meal). That was a ten hour flight with no food."
From Ann Worthy: "What do you do when travel insurance does not come thru with or honor agreements? My husband and I booked and paid for an African Safari trip thru I.C. E. Galleries, and Trafalgar Tours. We bought the travel insurance thru Travel Guard. We completely paid for our trip by April. I had an accident to the knee in May, ending up having to be in a wheelchair."
From Lee Diaz: "A friend and I traveled with Djoser (www.djoserusa.com) to India and Nepal last May. Djoser was fantastic. Our group only consisted of four people. Our guide became a very good friend to us and filled our trip with beautiful memories. You don't feel like you are part of a tour package with Djoser."
From Phil House: "We travel a great deal and seldom complain, however my wife and I were extremely disappointed with the trip we just completed with GCT on December 20, 2003 to Egypt. Our major concerns are as follows:"
From George Stroe: "The distances being what they are, you must fly if you want to make the most of a limited time (for ex. 3 weeks). I've read there are only two options, Quantas and Virgin Blue. Is this true? The fares do not seem very cheap."

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