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In this week's deal roundup find out how to pay almost nothing for a London getaway, spend a week in Hong Kong for less than $1,100, and see three more deals to destinations around the world
From San Francisco to Montreal and Belgium, we bring you a year of beer festivals that celebrate the hops, the culture, the cuisine, and, of course, the taste.
Here's a supposed trend some people are eager to get a grip on: It's a swell of questionable new restaurant chains desperate to be as classy as Hooters.
Our reader is wary of the fine print on the "free" ticket offer by American Express and extracts promises from the company. When they fail to honor them, our reader is left ticketless. What now?
It's important in Las Vegas for the big show business stars to always appear before packed houses. And because of that, their producers paper the house when seats are unsold.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Belgium
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Reader's Voice
From one for the road: "Do you recommend I get a Eurail Pass or a Swiss Pass? There are so many types of passes and cards, with confusing variations!"
From jcd29: "Are some of my days too cramped/light? And of course in between stuff we'll be walking around and seeing things."
From merrisol: "We plan to rent a compact car at Cancun airport to use within a 100 mile radius during a week of vacation. Am trying to determine which rental agency is most economical."
From Marlee: "We have about 10 days. Our goal (with two boys, 15 and 10) is to see a lot of animals, see as much territory as we can, eat good food and spend time on the beach."
From susan29: "They arrange airfare, transfers and accommodations for eight days at two well reviewed hotels."

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