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Every once in a while, some innovative hotel gets the message ("lower the rates!"), and it's happened again with the splendid little WJ Hotel in my own New York City neighborhood. As the former Washington Jefferson Hotel, it was adequate; but now, after a recent complete renovation and slight name change, it's been transformed into a jewel of a place.
The Bolongo Bay Beach Club on St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands has a couple of good deals going--one for kids, the other for adults. If you're willing to pay $245 per night for a room sleeping two adults and up to two kids, contact them now for their semi-inclusive continental plan. And if you're a kid twelve or under sleeping in the same room with your parents, you stay and eat free.
Cruising down the river on a lazy afternoon will come quite easily when it's springtime in Holland, and it costs you just $99 roundtrip air across the Atlantic out of selected east coast gateways. Of course there's a catch--you have to pay from $1,349 per person to get that fare, but the price also includes your shared outside riverboat cabin, daily guided shore excursions, all onboard meals, and more.
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From Mike Smith: "Because of our connecting international flight from Detroit on our way to Tokyo, we were advised to arrive at the airport 2 hours early. Because of the random baggage checks, our checked bags needed to be looked over by security. No problem there. We checked our bags after all was found in order, received our boarding passes for both flights and talked a while with my Grandparents. There was about 30 minutes to our flight when an announcement came on saying our flight was delayed due to weather."
From Teresa M. "My mother died Dec. 22 and I hastily made arrangements to fly to Knoxville for the funeral (I live in WA). I had frequent flier miles on AA and could get a flight out only on Christmas day, and the airline couldn't get me into TYS and I had to go to Chattanooga. Because my family couldn't pick me up there, I tried to rent a car from Chattanooga online but there were no cars available."
From Frank Odette: "Yes, you are warned before bidding on Priceline that your bid does not cover a hotel parking fee. You expect such add on fees in big urban hotels, but what if you bid in an area, like Fort Lauderdale, where 90% of the hotels offer free parking? What does that do to your bid when Priceline puts you into one of the few hotels in that area that does charge for parking? You end up, quite unexpectedly, paying significantly more per night than you bid."
From Gwen Vample: "Went to Vegas last week--had a good time. Some tips I learned:"
From Guest: "We've traveled a good bit and are very used to 'island time' and don't mind that it takes longer for everything in the islands. We normally enjoy the relaxed laid back pace. But the Sandals Grande St. Lucia was particularly slow. Check in took more than an hour. Then it took another hour to get our first pieces of luggage. Our last piece of luggage didn't arrive for almost four hours."

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