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How much can traveling in low season really save you? Quite a lot actually so you may want to consider being flexible with your travel dates to snag the following bargains over the next month or two.
Host Kelly Regan and Frommer's Maui Day by Day author and Hawaii expert Jeanette Foster sit down to discuss Maui. Jeanette offers her take on the great diversity of accommodations and activities and tips on the island's most beautiful and romantic sights.
Whether it's a last-minute travel deal or a mid-week or long weekend specials, travelers can take advantage of plenty of money-saving options for touring within the United States.
Sometimes it pays to leave the driving -- and organizing -- to someone else, and it's worth paying for that expertise. Here are seven escorted trips with scenic European landscapes and seascapes.
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From kidfree: "We are going on a trip to Costa Rica with Classic Journeys (family of four with two boys ages 10 and 12). Anyone out there have any experience with the family tours?"
From Twizler: "My husband thinks it's no big deal to take an overnight train or even a daytime train between the two, but that looks like a very long way on the map."
From buradley: "Anyone have insights or opinions re: these two hotels? It will be for my honeymoon. Any additional thoughts for the Hilton properties in the area (including Conrad)?"
From fishking: "I've visited the Caribbean including Puerto Rico quite a bit over the years but this was my first time in Vieques. I did quite a lot of research on the internet and this site preparing for the trip so I thought I would give some back."
From JaybeeOne: "I'm getting a little confused about whether or not my wife and I will need a visa from Mexico to spend an extended vacation there."

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