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New low fares to London seem to be rolling in every couple of days. The latest batch comes from British Airways, which is using their massive muscle to not only offer roundtrips from as little as $198, they'll also throw in some highly discounted hotel rooms at $50 a night or less.
Bob Fisher reports on how to stretch your weakening dollars while abroad; in Tokyo, stay and eat like a local for the best value -- plus what's new around the city.
Here are some of the best deals a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week.
If you buy today, you can get flights from Washington, D.C.'s National Airport to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a mere $98 plus tax (a total of $116.70) roundtrip -- about half the price of fares on other airlines, including Southwest.
Consider these gifts of travel for your paramour: an upscale weekend in Seattle, a springtime cruise through Burgundy or four nights in Italy.
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From Celinda: "My son came home from Iraq in November for his 15 days of R&R. He was delayed after he purchased his ticket from Sato Travel for a flight from Detroit to South Bend IN and the soldier must pay to get home once they enter the US. He paid $189 for his portion of the ticket to get him to SB and back to Baltimore. Once he made it to the US -- a day late -- the airlines refused to honor his tickets since he was a day late."
From Susan Levit: "Can someone please give some advice where to go that is off the beaten track in Puerto Rico? Has anyone heard of Mona Island, and if so what did you think and how easy/difficult is it to get there? I'm interested in finding out some of Puerto Rico's well kept secrets."
From Peter Mitchell: "I needed to escape the freezing Northeast so I flew to California for a day and a half -- absolutely crazy but a ton of fun. I flew from JFK into Long Beach, which is a tiny great airport. (I hope more people don't hear about it because the charm will be spoiled.) Got in my car and headed down the coast a bit to Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach (wow, people are surfboarding in January!) and the Mission of San Juan Capistrano; the flowers and architecture are gorgeous."
From Dawn: "We were almost scammed twice at two different gas stations in the Yucatan, once in Tulum and once in Valladolid. One man tries to keep the driver in the car while the other man quickly begins to fill your tank. What you don't realize is that the pump was never cleared from the previous sale. The attendants then pocket the money and both the station and you are out! Be alert!"
From SMH: "Every so often I post something here as my way of thanks for the information I've received from others here. I'm on the mailing list for Kripalu (a yoga type place) in Massachusetts, and I got an e-mail from them saying they were offering a buy 'two nights get two free' package, including all meals (vegetarian) and activities (yoga & lectures/talks). They also have massages and other spa offerings."

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