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With winter's end approaching, give a thought to visiting Eastern Europe before prices starting climbing in spring. In earlier articles, we've reported on winter specials for the big tourist targets (such as France, Britain, Ireland and Italy), and less-traveled regions such as Scandinavia and Iceland. But eastward lie the lands of some mystery to most Westerners, nations behind the former Iron Curtain.
Visit the birthplace of democracy and beyond with these selections of bargain-basement priced packages to Athens and Greece.
Not content with selling out many of their previous deals, that amazing Italian tour operator based in Illinois, Tourcrafters, is still at it. Through March 31, 2003, they have a Venice Spring Special at $682 per person when four share a three-star, two-bedroom apartment for five nights. That works out to $136 per person, per night, including the roundtrip airfare from five east coast U.S. cities.
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Little Kampa, Prague
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Reader's Voice
From idzzy: "Hello! This is my first time here. I would like to share some tips for cruise passengers and travel agents. I work as a passenger reception agent for Norwegian Cruise Lines. I have encountered many situations with passengers, mainly complaints about travel agents not including certain paperwork in their cruise packets."
From Higgins: "How would one go about arranging a two or three day golf outing in Scotland with guarenteed tee times and decent accommodations? I would appreciate names to contact."
From Joel Kordat: "I have been trying to determine what affects a war with Iraq would have with traveling to Europe for a vacation in March. Does anyone know if there will be any consequences that will effect it?"
From Esther Kim: "This was our experience with Avon/Percy rental and we hope that you will not have to have the same experience. We ended up NOT getting was a pick up, a decent car - our rental had a broken windshield, a broken sideview mirror, no airconditioning, and much less... basically a lemon that we were suprised that it actually got us around from Christchurch to Queenstown."
From Jan Burg: "The rest of Ecuador is certainly worth seeing. I had a wonderful time in Quito last Fall, traveling by bus to Otavalo in the mountains for the market there. The bus ride was truly hair raising, but an adventure. (It seems in Latin America they pass on curves.) The market was unbelieveable and could not be seen even after several visits."

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