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Enough about the dollar's piddling worth in Europe. If you care less about jet set hotspots than about UNESCO World Heritage sites, medieval city cores, Old World customs and beautiful countryside, these are smart choices for budget travelers, even in spring.
If you plan to visit a number of national parks and monuments within a year, a National Parks Pass, which still costs just $50, will save you a bundle.
An ecological wonder, Costa Rica has quickly become a hot spot among global travelers seeking inland wonders and coastal relaxation.
A slew of seats are up for grabs on routes to Europe, Japan and the Middle East. But hurry! Some of these have short shelf lives for purchasing tickets.
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Reader's Voice
From Evelyn: "I shall be in France for a month this spring and would like to find information on classical music concerts scheduled in the various areas I'll be visiting, Paris, Provence and the Languedoc. Inadvertently I learned from one discussion on a message board, that there are noontime concerts given in the concert hall at the Louvre. I have, over the years, attended concerts in various churches in Paris but would love to find a central listing for same as often, when I arrive in France, I find that seats are all booked."
From min39: "We would love to take our kids (ages 10, 13 & 15) to either London or Rome & Venice during the European winter (it's the only time we can go). Has anyone got any suggestions or opinions if this is worthwhile? We are finding it very hard to make a decision!"
From bellapolo: "I was wondering if anybody visited the Jesuit missions in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Also interested in staying a couple of days on a Estancia in Argentina. Want to go in March, and I am looking for travel company that can do this in less than a week. Can anybody help?"
From Patricia Foote: "Here's a warning about possibly not receiving your VAT refund from Hungary. Hungary insists on both the Global Refund form and the original sales receipt being stamped by a customs office when leaving the European Union in order to receive a VAT refund. To my knowledge no other country does this (most just require the Global Refund form stamped by customs and mailed for refund, not the receipt as well)."
From historylight: "First I want to say thanks to everyone who has been posting info on summer fares. Here is what I booked & I cannot believe it."

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