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Beseiged by competition from all sides, Delta isn't standing still. Instead, they're embarking on an aggressive expansion at New York's JFK airport, home to JetBlue, the low-fare nemesis which has spent the past two years cutting into the New York-Florida routes that were once dominated by Delta and American.
Everybody loves a pleasant surprise: birthday presents, a sunny day in a northern winter, getting to stay on vacation an extra day. Air France knows this, so they're playing an entertaining game through next Tuesday where every day they'll be offering sale fares to a different European destination.
Bob Fisher takes you step by step on an escorted city tour and tells you what's worth seeing (and what you should skip).
Nothing can beat Mexico for an exotic place to travel that's right on our doorstep yet serves up flavors of the exotic still at good prices.
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Puerto Rico
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From P.A. Stromstad: "I have relatives in Norway and friends in Sweden. One hot topic of discussion is which of all the Scandinavian countries is the most beautiful. Most people say Norway. Please share your insights as we are trying to decide where to go on our next trip."
From Faye B: "Just wanted to share a trip report with anyone who is considering visiting Israel. In one word - GO! We mostly just stayed in Jerusalem and had the best time. I had expected downtown to be a ghost town based on reports of folks not going out much because of the situation but we found that center city Jerusalem was bustling w/students, tourists and locals."
From Nancy Celia: "On the website for the Grand Canyon National Park they said mule rides were suspended for about 6 months, so late March will be when they reopen them again. I was planning to go in early March and want to go down into canyon. Now with no mules I guess I can only take the 1 day hike down and 1 day hike back up and then stay at that Phantom Ranch. My 11 year-old son will be with me. Anyone do this? We aren't going to be camping or things like that, I would just like to see more than the south rim view, and I hear the view from bottom looking up is great as well."
From Rafael Sayago: "Has anyone had any experiences to share about being photographed and fingerprinted on arrival in Brazil these days? Does it really take nine hours?"
From hlroge: "I have been skiing the Rockies for years but last year I was really hit with altitude sickness. I tried all the basics, like drinking lots of fluid (no alcohol, though). Does anyone know of any over the counter or prescription medicine to prevent or ease this - it would sure improve this year's vacation!"

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