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For two weeks, you're living in a centuries-old farmhouse in an olive grove. You can walk to town for fresh meat and produce and cook them at home, or you can hop in your car and drive through rugged, wildflower-covered hillsides to larger towns in a matter of hours.
With some flexibility and advance planning, a moderate budget can go a long way. We're here to show you how to get your trip together and get on the road.
The island paradise in the Caribbean that shares a border with Haiti on the island of Hispanola has built a steady tourism industry known for package deals and all-inclusive resorts. Add a discount airliner with inexpensive fares and you have a sizzling new destination hot spot.
Here are the latest openings, offerings, changes, and events in Hong Kong.
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From Patty B: "Are there any downsides to a seat in the back of the plane, besides being the last to get off?"
From J.Librot: "Does anyone know where we could find something like consumer reports but for tour operators? We are going to China in the fall, and are considering Pacific Delight, General Tours and China Plus. Anyone have information about these tours, positive or negative?"
From UR_SpringrBreaker: "Hey, Some friends and I want to take a spring break roadtrip starting in upstate NY (near Buffalo) and heading down eventually to the outer banks. We have 9 days and want to have as much fun as possible on the way. Do you have any suggestions of places to stop that are fun or interesting?"
From Karen Sell: "Can someone give me an idea about the average cost of meals in Lima and Cuzco? I am trying to plan ahead for a visit in late March."
From motu: "We are going to Paris for the first time. I am interested to know which is the best Arrondissements. We will be there for four days."

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Home > Deals & News > Frommers.com Newsletters