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Back in November, we reported on a refreshing deal to the South Pacific island of Moorea, near Tahiti. That five-night deal was such a hit, apparently, that it's back as a late-winter treat.
It'll take nimble fingers, and flexible travel dates, to snap up Alitalia's $299 roundtrip fares to Italy this week: the fares are available only through today, for travel during the month of February.
Thanks to the mighty Gulf Stream duking it out with the North Atlantic Drift, England has a milder climate than its position would otherwise seemingly allow, even to the few healthy palm trees growing at the southwestern fringes of the country. As a result, it's still a wise move to exchange our colder clime for London's if you can get away over the next couple months. Here are a few harbingers of spring.
The Florida Experience doesn't have to mean an acre of bodies roasting around a huge swimming pool or a line of high-rise hotels blocking your view of the beach. It could mean a cozy little inn a block or two away from the water, with a tropical garden, perhaps some parrots calling out to you, and a comfortable bedroom. That's the kind of Florida I like best, and it's one where you can get to know a genuine Floridian up front, and not just from behind the front desk.
The idea of a romantic getaway doesn't always need to encompass a faraway beach resort or a secluded garden vista, but can be as simple as one or two nights away from home in a nearby hotel, inn or B&B.
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From Tanya Stansbury: "I have had good experiences in car rental/leasing both with Kemwell and Rob's Car Rental. Usually I stay in Europe two or three months, and it is better to lease a car. This year I have leased a car through Rob, and the lease covers all insurance. Kemwell is reliable, but I find it wise to check comparative rates -- Rob usually is better. I am in my 8th decade and if you are a 'senior' it pays to find out which countries have a maximum driving age. Age does not present a problem in Germany, France or Switzerland."
From Bev Dollack: "I made a hotel reservation online with a major hotel chain. The rate came up for $10 a night for three people with breakfast included. I re-submitted my request several times, and I got the same quote. Today, I just re-checked our confirmation number and the same rate is, indeed, still confirmed. Is the hotel chain liable for this rate quote? I obviously feel uncomfortable with the situation."
From Chet Bielinski: "We will be visiting the Williamsburg/VA Beach areas this summer. I am trying to find any information about haunted places in the area or within driving distance. We will be driving from the upstate NY area stopping at Gettysburg to check out the sites there and would also like to check out some spots in VA. Thanks."
From Colleen Russell: "I recently took my first solo trip (to Arizona and parts of California). I was originally scheduled to take this trip with my mother, but due to health concerns she had to cancel. I couldn't find anyone else to go with, including my husband who couldn't get the time off of work, so instead of saying "oh well, maybe next year" I decided, what the heck. Did I have my fears and doubts before I went? Of course! So, I took a deep breath and boarded that plane - and I had a fabulous time! A few tips that I picked up along the way."
From FromtheWest: "As I'm sure all of you have been listening to the news, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the cancellation of flights to/from various European citis, including London? My husband and I are set to depart LA mid-March to Heathrow and we're not sure if we should continue with our plans. This would be our first trip to London. I'm very nervous with the news of potential biological threats on the planes."

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