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Consider signing up for Royal Olympic Cruises' "Great Rivers of South America" program this spring. The live music aboard will be provided by an accomplished pianist, a coloratura soprano and a vibrant tenor. Separately, you can attend lecturds offered by three learned A's--an archeologist, an astronomer and an ambassador. All this, plus 19 days afloat, in a package starting at the special rate of just $1,695 per person (which includes port charges, yet!)
What goes around, comes around, is a truism that applies to Classical Pursuits, the name of a delightfully innovative program operating out of Toronto every summer. This year, the organizers have decided to tell Dante to get lost, in a manner of speaking. One of their trips is a two-week tour of Italy cheekily named "To Hell & Back With Dante," focusing on the author's Divine Comedy, with small group discussions and more.
How are you holding up on those New Year's resolutions? You know the standard-and sometimes disheartening--routine. The classic promise to get off your duff, get to the gym and lose that ten extra pounds only to have it fade into the background as you get back to a normal work routine after the long stretch of winter holidays. Don't fret. We here at Frommers.com think you should consider visiting a spa to kickstart your promise to yourself. And while you may be thinking, "A spa! Do you think I'm made out of money?" we've got two reliable and informative sources to let you in on to help you have a healthy and affordable getaway.
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From Mike Soldner: "My much better half and I took a trip to Trinidad and Tobago recently. It originated in Boston with American Airlines to continue in San Juan with American Eagle to Port of Spain in Trinidad. Our American Airlines flight departure from Boston was delayed by about 45 minutes due to mechanics working on the aircraft on something 'in the nose, as easy as replacing a spark plug,' as announced several times by the cockpit crew. The delay, effectively, brought our connecting time in San Juan to zero and about 11 fliers bound for Port of Spain asked the crew to compel American Eagle to hold the plane so we could make our connection."
From Robin Morris: "Happy New Year! My husband, son, and I just returned from a trip arranged by Capricorn Leisure, and I wanted to put out a report on it. We went through the brochures, but didn't find exactly what we wanted, so Jeanne took our request and arranged something especially for us."
From Kevin Debishop: "After honeymooning at the Sandals Golf Resort & Spa from December 8 ¿ 15, 2002, my wife and I wanted to let you know how completely disappointed we were with our stay in St. Lucia and the Sandals resorts. Having never stayed at an all-inclusive resort, our experience at Sandals has tainted what should have been one of the happiest times for a newly married couple."
From LVS: "We recently returned from 2 wonderful weeks of travel in Israel, and even though we returned to the US the same night of the most recent suicide bombings, we encourage others to plan careful travel to that glorious country. We arrived in Tel Aviv, took an Arkia plane to Eilat for several days, then flew back to Tel Aviv where we spent 4 days."
From MB Wilkas: "I have discovered an amazing and very refreshing tour guide I found in Madrid, Spain. Her name is Kelly O'Donnell and she is an American who has lived in Madrid for the past 16 years. I was referred to her through a friend and never regretted the decision to contact and hire her. She guides people through Spain and all over Europe for very reasonable daily rates, plus expenses."

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