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CityPass, that neat outfit that gives you discounts to premium attractions in several major American cities, has made visiting the theme parks of Southern California a little easier. For the first time, it's offering a Southern California CityPass, covering admission to Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure park, Knott's Berry Farm, SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo, all in one booklet giving you a 30% discount off the standard box office prices.
Bed and breakfasts dot New England like stars in the night sky. There are so many, it's sometimes difficult to decide on just one. Here are three standouts all in one county in Massachusetts easily reachable by car for most people in the northeast.
You can't get around it--walking is the best way to see almost any place on earth. It's a matter of degree, of course, whether you spend the entire day on your feet, or just part of it. For those healthy people who regard walking as a the best way to get around, I suggest the France Getaways Paris & Provence "Easy Walking Discover Tour," priced at just $915 (land only).
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From Drew Leibowitz: "I will be flying to Naples for my honeymoon this July and my parents have offered us their miles to upgrade to business class. The tickets will still come to $1500 a piece, even with the points (regular economy tickets are going for about 900-1300 each) and I'm wondering if anyone has a point of view of whether it's worth it or not (I have heard some bad things about Delta Business Elite)."
From Terence Vinson: "We are going to France in April to visit the Provence, Languedoc, and Dordogne regions, plus a brief stay in Paris. We are contemplating getting the France Rail & Drive pass. Has anyone had any experience with this type of pass? We have already identified the cities where we are going that have Avis offices (which is the company we must use with the pass). My main concern is how easy it is to pick up a car and return it."
From Anna K: "I read the Tips from the Publisher today about doing China on your own. My husband and I did this in September 2002 and had a wonderful trip. For around $2500 each including airfare from the US and within China, we had our own customized tour. We spent 4 nights in Beijing, 2 in Xian, 1 in Guilin, 4 in Yangshuo, and 3 in Hong Kong. We were met at each airport by a Chinese guide and driven by private car or minivan to our hotel. Our guide helped check us in and gave us information on our group tour for the next day (we had a few free days as well). Our hotels were mostly 4 star."
From George Scotter: "My wife and I just returned from a Pacfic Delight tour of Thailand. Two of the three hotels we use were excellent and the food was consistently good. However, the quality of the guides was a major disappointment to us. One guide was not fluent in English and had a hard time understanding questions and answering them."
From Howu: "I am planning out a trip to Greece for the month of April. I've been reading this message board as well as doing searches on google and have found lots of great information about places to go and see. The one thing that I am lacking for my trip is a recommendation on what to do for Greek Easter. This is the biggest holiday there, and I would want to be less of a spectator, but more of a participant. Does anyone have experience of Easter celebrations in Greece?"

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