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Think going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year is out of the question? Think again. This year's celebration will be the best one yet, with more energy, spirit and emotion than ever -- and some of the most over-the-top costumes and masks.
Are you looking for someplace warm to visit this winter? Ever want to explore Costa Rica, Belize, Guatemala or Brazil? Normally those destinations are outrageously expensive, but not right now if you act fast!
Accessible in slightly more than two hours from Miami and Houston, Belize comes in a close second to Costa Rica as the number one Central American destination for American and Western tourists. So laid back that flip-flops are dressy, the country formerly known as British Honduras has made tourism the country's number one import.
That warm breeze and the soft scent of flowers tell you that spring is in the air (well it will be next month) so it's time to scour the globe for the best and the most bizarre of the world's plethora of festivals and events. There is a common theme to the following events -- they're all in Europe and most are free.
George Hobica and Kim Tan have unearthed great fares for Down Under, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean; plus they report on a double miles program, Spirit's new sale and more.
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From awaywego "I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts/experiences with airport/airline staff being bullies? I'm all for security, but it seems these days that decent folks are bullied under the guise of 'security.' A few items I've witnessed/heard about in the past year . . . "
From Amy Seiler: "I found Picasso Tours to be a wonderful company to deal with when I took their 'Istanbul Special' 5-night trip in November, 2005. We were upgraded at no charge to the very comfortable Empire Palace Hotel in the Old City, and Marcelo, the agent I dealt with over the phone, was an absolute pleasure. Picasso Tours has a wide variety of trips with excellent pricing."
From kimazoid: "We're three women and three kids planning to take a 2-3 week road trip along the Lewis & Clark route. I'm looking for advice on lots of topics, as well as any general advice. We're limited to about 20 days, and will be starting from NC. We have an obligation in Seattle, so it's non-negotiable that we get to Seattle at some point in the trip."
From betrue32: "Hi there! I will be in Torino for the Olympics, and I'm planning to stay a few extra days. Any suggestions for an interesting and fun side trip? Thank you!"
From radodge: "Most museums and tourist attractions in both France and The Netherlands are free for the disabled with proof. I found that my Social Security award letter was better proof than my handicapped car placard, and usually my companion was given free admission too."

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