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Editor's Note
Check out the extended sales on airfares to Europe from 1800FlyEurope and on packages from Boston to the Caribbean from USAirVacations.
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Looking for a B&B that's right for you? We've cherry-picked the top three sites to help your search.
New York heralds the grand opening of the new Time Warner Center and eagerly, but anxiously, awaits a major reconfiguration of its subway lines. If you're visiting soon, be sure to read this first.
Celebrating St. Patrick's Day doesn't have to be confined to March 17 any more than being Irish would confine you to Dublin on that day. We've got some bargains that last more than a single day on both sides of the Atlantic.
There's no rhyme or reason to the fares we've found this Monday; rather, we're hoping there's a little something for everyone. There are sales from Chicago to Seattle and Ireland, a cheap fare from San Francisco to New Zealand, and a great string of fares to Central America.
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Reader's Voice
From Ryosuke Takahashi: "When going on a one-week trip, one would usually bring along enough clothing, bags, necessary medication, passports, visas, etc. But what are your favorite non-essential travel products? These are things you can physically survive without, but maybe not emotionally (Ex.: journals, novels, gadgets). And, of course, why?"
From Jean Hausmann: "My husband and I flew to Honolulu from Indianapolis on ATA in November. The flight was full no extra seats in either direction. The plane was on time and the staff courteous, but our seats! We had non-reclining seats, there are several of them, the entire flight, both directions. I would never do it again."
From PBM: "I ran into another 'hidden charge' on my recent trip. Not the $1 per night 'safe charge' or 'energy surcharges' that I've run into before, but a $3.95 per night 'telecom charge.' ... Now each time I look a room, I have to recite a list of hidden charges to try to catch them before I book. Please let me know if anyone has encountered others to add to my list."
From Sue Ann Bailey: "I am going to Singapore and Thailand next week (Mid-February). With the chicken flu, should I change my plans? I am only planning to stay in Bangkok not in the country. What special precautions if I do go and has anyone been since Flu outbreak?"
From Marc Spear: "My understanding of the original canopy tours was that got people up into the canopy to quietly observe the canopy ecosystem. But now as I read about some of them, they seem to be about zipping around on a cable for an adrenaline rush, and just happen to be through the rainforest canopy. Are there both types of canopy tours: canopy ecosystem and zipline adventures? Can anyone recommend any of the former?"

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