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There's only a small window for this big opportunity. You have through midnight Thursday, February 13, 2003, to take advantage of British Airways discounted fare of $198 (before taxes) to London flying out of any--yes, any--of the 21 airports used by the carrier in the U.S.
In 2003, Candlewood Suites is continuing to offer grandparents a free night at any of their locations in conjunction with a paid night either the day before or the day after a major holiday, including this Valentine's Day weekend. Since rates typically start at $100 or higher depending on your location, this is nothing to shake a stick at.
The Quiet Corner of Connecticut is that northeast quadrant between the state's capital, Hartford, and Providence, Rhode Island. There are more than a dozen lodging places that are eager to put you up for a night, and they've assembled a passel of packages to bring you there.
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From Anna DiGiovanni: "I'm wondering if anybody has any good ideas about how a person with a full time job can ever take a long vacation (a couple of months maybe). Although I get six weeks vacation, they do not allow us to take more than two at a time due to the extra burden it puts on the people who have to cover for us."
From Nancy Groben: "Has anyone used the cruiseman? His site is www.cruiseman.com. I get e-mail offers from him that sound great but do not know where I got his address from. Thanks for anyones comments and help."
From Rick Dale: "Okay, folks. I've got a good one here. About 12 friends are going to Tuscany in September, and of those about 8 people are ballroom dancers, i.e. we do cha-cha, waltz, swing, salsa, foxtrot, etc. We've all been assigned to investigate various aspects of Tuscany, and my assignment is to find places where we might be able to go ballroom dancing. I've checked several guides---Frommers Tuscany included---and used internet search engines, but I'm shooting blanks."
From Gloria Tzioumis: "My husband and I sailed from Honolulu on 1/10/03 for 10 days with NCL's wind around the Hawaiian islands and Karibati. Never again! Weather was a minor factor in our disappointment with rolling seas and the inability to tender, but this was not the major reason for our dissatisfaction. The big problem was our inability to sleep. In order to get some rest on my vacation cruise, I had to take sleeping pills! We were housed in a forward cabin and were subjected to extreme noises."
From Krystyna Turnock: "Spent a week over New Year 2003 at the Comfort Suites with two small boys and my husband. Had a ball. The weather was over 80 degrees and the hotel and staff was great. The breakfast was fantastic and saved queuing at the Atlantis. We had no problems at the Atlantis, spent every day there. Its an amazing place. Never felt cramped as too huge. Lots of life guards and staff ready to help only when asked. The food wasnt as expensive as posted on previous bulletin boards."

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