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When I'm ragged and jetlagged, covered in airplane gunk or just bone-tired from twelve hours of walking, there's nothing as miraculous as perfectly-tempered hot water falling on my head.
Warm beaches with crashing waves, volcanoes spewing molten lava, vibrantly colored flora and fauna, and resuscitated ancient customs interplay with Hawaii's more modern elements: boogie boarding, helicopter rides, glass and steel hotels, and upscale spas and restaurants to indulge yourself. Such wide and varied choices makes our 50th state a perennial favorite for almost anyone. We've rounded up a bevy of beachy air and hotel retreats at mid-ranged prices to tickle your fancy. Some even throw in a rental car.
United's somewhat anemic three-fer deal, announced earlier this week has spurred Northwest to come back with a wishy-washy response of its own. But budget travelers shouldn't despair; Northwest's spring fare sale offers some pretty good-looking international tickets.
Cruise lines, consolidators and travel agents deem January and February "the Wave": that period when most bookings take place and berths on ships fill up for trips for the remainder of the year. We've got plenty of bargains on our slate this week; it's up to you to take advantage of them before they're gone.
Twice a year they roll out a "Deals" program to make it less expensive than at the regular prices, moderate enough to begin with. Between the two, the whole year is covered in savings.
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From Sandy James: "I have travelled Air Canada first class from South America to Toronto, Toronto to Paris and from Halifax to Vancouver. If you like great service, a flight of wines and good cuisine to choose from, choices of movies available on DVD players, and gracious hosts, this is for you."
From Dorothy Martin: "My husband just received notice from United Mileage Plus that his 8,221 miles will expire March 31, 2004. Is it unusual to get a first notice just six weeks before expiration? We just booked two flights to Maui using MY Mileage Plus miles, and we could have used some of his. Seems the notification should have come sooner. Anyone else have this problem?"
From Stephanie Russell: "I'm looking for a nice State Park in or near the UP for a few days this coming summer. I'd like to book one soon. Any nice suggestions? We like to have running water & electricity, so no rustic sites. So far I think we're leaning toward Tahquamenon Falls, but there are 2 sites -- lower and the mouth. Anyone know which is better and why?"
From Jan Zuss: "I am researching a trip to Prague. The pictures look amazing but I have a concern about the subjecting a bad knee to the cobblestone streets. For those of you who have been, how difficult to you find the walking?"
From sharonkinden: "As an avowed chocoholic, where should I go to find the best chocolates in America? In the world? I will start by recommending the chocolate truffles at the Candy Factory in Coumbia, Missouri."
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