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Amtrak is an inexpensive, enjoyable way to see the USA, but it gets even cheaper when you start applying the railroad's secret discount codes. Available to all (well, all who read this newsletter, at least), they're easy to use and can cut 20 percent or more off the price of your ticket. Combined with Amtrak's other discounts, they put a little more magic into your train trip.
After doing absolutely nothing but wearing flip-flops and tattered collared shirts to the finest of Belizean restaurants and through the sunniest of Belizean days, and then after tubing down glass-like waters through dark caves and meandering through Jaguar preserves, river beds and jungle treks, that's when the Belizean people and their arts and music come together.
With increased security and decreased in-flight amenities, what solo flier wouldn't mind unplugging the iPod and talking to the person next to you, knowing ahead of time that you actually have something in common? AirTroductions is the online introduction service that seeks to maximize your airtime.
You don't tend to hear a lot about travel to the three countries that make up the Baltic States -Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania but that may be about to change. Located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, these formerly Russian provinces and republics of the former USSR, found their independence a mere 15 years ago.
In all our years of fare checking, we've never seen a fare sale quite like this. George Hobica found these Valentine's Day airfare specials.
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From walkeraptor: "I just come back from Dominica, a place for hiking only, NO NIGHT life at all, but it doesn't matter, back home, I'll do my best to compensate. I was surprised to get a hotel at only 15us$ a night, I'm single and there they don't charge extra money."
From brencara: "I will be in Kyoto for a few days but was thinking about going to Takayama (in the Japanese Alps) as well. How far apart of these cities. Can this be done as a day trip? By Plane? Train? If anyone has been to Takayama, is it worth the trip?"
From runturtlerun: "I would appreciate any help you knowledgeable folks can provide on the following itinerary (we are going in April)."
From hop4242: "I am contemplating visiting Prague the first week fo March. I have done some reading on the city and some resources say it is very cheap to visit, while others say it is one of the most expensive. Which is it?"
From KatrinaSl: "Thinking about going to Iceland in March to try to see the Northern Lights. I am leaning towards Hofn area or Lake Myvatn area. I am thinking Lake Myvatn may be a better choice since it is more inland and perhaps the weather is more stable."

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