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The online yoga world is sophisticated, easy to maneuver, and well-designed. And of course, they want you to feel good about yourself, so good karma abounds.
Consider leaving the bubble, and driving and walking the streets of Lakeview, of East New Orleans, of the Lower 9th Ward. Get the oily mud on your shoes, and look at the rubble of these neighborhoods, those once-homes and that row of orderly, dusty suits, if only to bear witness.
Take a dash of Dubrovnik, a bit of Bled, a smidgeon of Split and an ounce of Opatija, and you have the pearl of the Adriatic -- Croatia. We've rounded up the latest deals to Europe's current "It" spot.
We've rounded up the best sales going on routes to Europe, Asia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and more.
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Head to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific's Fare Sale
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Reader's Voice
From myrosetree: "I rented a car on a business trip and, before returning to the airport rental agency, noticed damages that I believe occured while in the hotel parking lot. I called my employer's insurance company and got a claim immediately. By the time I arrived at the rental agency, my employer's insurance company had already called & provided them with the claim number and other information. I filled out their insurance claim form. I received a collections letter from a third-party agency (or insurance) about sending them a check for $2,700 + for the loss of use & other fees."
From mthorn077: "My fiance and I are getting married this June 2006 in Puerto Vallarta. I was curious what everyone's experiences have been with whether they have needed passports? We have talked to some people and they say that it's not technically required to have a passport to get into Mexico until 2007, but we have been told by others that we should get one just in case. What has been everyone's experiences and advice?"
From BrazenSpider: "My partner and I are trying to find a destination for a four day vacation in early March. We would like to go somewhere with nice beaches that isn't overrun with spring break people, but that is also affordable. We are traveling from the east coast. Suggestions?"
From weisbaden: "Here's a report on what we enjoyed the most as a group of 6 people, ages 11-70."
From prollypolly: "The New York Times ran a piece last weekabout how some hotels have actually offered bribes and incentives to guests in return for posting favorable reviews on these kinds of sites. Now I'm more skeptical than ever. I just thought everyone ought to know."

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