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The Air Travel Consumer Report chronicles the performance records of major carriers regarding lost and mishandled luggage, delays, overbooking, and consumer complaints registered with the DOT.
For the National Trust for Historic Preservation,, May is Preservation Month, when local communities celebrate their oldest and or most distinguished homes with tours and other events.
When considering a beach vacation, few people will immediately think of North Africa, but maybe it's time to look beyond the Caribbean and the South Pacific for a touch of African sun and surf.
Skip the same ol' same ol' teeming on crowded beaches with thousands of your "closest" friends -- head to Europe for some Old World cultcha when school's out.
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"Has anyone stayed in a college or university dorm during the summer? I have heard of this and am interested in trying it on my next trip. I hear you can save some serious money, you have built in security, possible entertainment and use of facilities as well as a cafeteria near by."
From jazztania: "I wanted to let you all know the latest on our Alitalia dispute. As a recap, 3 days into our Italy vacation, my father in law died and we returned home immediately. Alitalia would not honor our original return tickets so we had to pay an additional $3,500 to return home for the funeral. Amazingly, I received a very nice letter from Alitalia conveying their sympathy and apologizing for what we went though in Italy. They agreed to refund our money, excluding a $220 penalty charge per ticket."
From Debaroo: "I'm not expecting to find an actual vegetarian or natural foods restaurant anywhere on the Strip, but hope to find at least a few places with vegetarian options on the menu - I'm thinking Italian and Asian places are the best bet. Any thoughts and recommendations would be welcomed - planning a trip for late March. Thanks!"
From sandiedog: "Where are the best beaches in Croatia? (By best I mean not crowded and small pebbles or sand -- not a rocky beach.) I need a place where my kids can play on the beach in June. Can you give me the names of some beaches that would be good and possibly some names of nice family hotels with a pool?"
From ojoy: "We spent a little over 2 weeks in Panama over this past Christmas & New Years and had a wonderful time. My sister & I had lived there eons ago, so both our families went. It was certainly a different holiday for all of us."

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