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Pitchers and catchers reported to spring training camps all over Florida and Arizona this week, meaning golf courses and sports bars all over both states are about to experience busy season.
If you're up for accruing some serious frequent flier miles and joining me on my maiden trip to North Africa, then hop on. Our Royal Air Maroc plane is boarding, and we're getting set to explore Marrakech.
It may seem strange for a woman to admit, but I actually hate shopping when I'm at home. The thought of trudging around the city or enduring a suburban shopping mall is my idea of torture. But take me overseas and I am suddenly transformed to a plastic yielding maniac.
In March, more than 5,000 species of wildflowers start popping up in Texas Hill Country, the relatively rural region around San Antonio and Austin: There are so many wildflowers that the yearly occurrence warrants its very own 1-800 hotline.
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Frommers: A World of Travel Experience: Ft. Lauderdale
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Reader's Voice
From maricel_rs: "I'm researching for a wedding in PDC. I like the vibe of Las Palapas and Shangri-la. Any comments on either? The wedding is slated for late October 2007. Thanks!"
From Pippin Athena: "I have read Sascha Segan's excellent article about carbon emissions and the steps some airlines are taking, but I am curious about how ships compare."
From psandefur: "Hi everyone! We are thinking of a trip through the Northwest and are interested in tips for things to see in Oregon. We have two boys (11 and 14) who are both interested in history, aviation, and wildlife."
From purplegold: "This always happens, a few days before the trip I get anxious and suddenly all plans are dismantled! We only have one day to do island hopping from Phuket. Which one do you recommend more?"
From dankwsc: "I'm considering spending six days in Campania before heading south to Sicily for eight days. I will be leaving on Dec. 22 and returning Jan. 6. I could use some help on my itinerary for those six days, keeping in mind that one of those days will be Christmas."

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