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It's a holiday weekend, so we're taking a little break ourselves here at Frommers.com. Enjoy these previously published pieces.
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Ritz Tours have been offering trips to China and other Asian places for nearly 23 years. Right now through February 28, 2003, this outfit is snipping off $100 per person for early bookings for any of its 2003 tours.
One of America's mostly highly reputed tour operators, United Vacations, has just unveiled its Hawaii family vacation program for winter, as well as a deal involving freebies with the Aston hotel chain people there.
One of the world's greatest destinations is Machu Picchu, that mysterious mountaintop city in Peru, abandoned by its inhabitants centuries ago. It's hard to reach and trips used to be so expensive that the average traveler was simply economically excluded. Here are a few trips to break that rule.
What goes around, comes around, is a truism that applies to Classical Pursuits, the name of a delightfully innovative program operating out of Toronto every summer. This year, the organizers have decided to tell Dante to get lost, in a manner of speaking. One of their trips is a two-week tour of Italy cheekily named "To Hell & Back With Dante," focusing on the author's Divine Comedy, with small group discussions and more.
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From John Anderson: "Having just returned from my three weeks in NZ (with a two-day stopover in Tahiti on the way over) all I can report is TOTAL satisfaction, even surprise with the quality of package put together for me by Tahiti Vacations."
From Thomas Dickit: "Has anyone had any problems with getting their security deposits back from a cottage rental? We rented from a company called Coastal Cottage Rental company in Blue Hill, Maine. They kept our security deposit for toally bogus reasons."
From Susan Glover: "We were planning to trade in our United mileage for a trip to Italy in October. Now the UAL president says that if war breaks out in Iraq, United could be liquidated. Is it better to hang on to our miles or cash them in now for a ticket? Any ideas?"
From Joe Healey: "My husband and I will be coming to New Mexico Oct. 4th for two weeks. I'm putting together our itinerary now. I want to include the balloon festival, of course, but also Santa Fe, Taos, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde and Durango. I believe I can cover most of that in two weeks without too much problem. Here is my question, we will be getting into Albuquerque on the first day of the balloon festival. I thought we'd stay and attend the festival for the day on Sunday. Since it is the beginning of the festival, do they have as many balloons going up for the mass ascension?"
From John Coffey: "I am considering traveling to France in the early part of March. In the last few days the terrorism threat level has been raised to HIGH; not to mention the threat of war. I am now weighing my options and thinking of scrapping this trip. Would France be just as safe as any other destination? Is it safe to travel abroad?"

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