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$300 fares to Europe usually fade come April. But opne carrier is keeping the dream alive with an excellent sale for trips through April 8.
Fearful of traveling to places where they don't speak your language? Here are two outfits that turn that weakness into a strength. The first allows you to travel to places to learn a language (native to the teachers, foreign to you). The second allows you to travel to teach a language (native to you since it's English, foreign to them since they're Spanish).
The American National Park System got its start out west with Yellowstone in 1872. While that is a necessarily proud moment in this nation's history, the episode tends to fog peoples' perceptions of what and where our protected lands exactly are. Even though there are plenty of non-western sites, most don't boast stunning features like painted canyons or skyrocketing geysers. Looking back east, you'll find plenty to hold your attention with current deals for lodgings and these tips on how to plan your park visit.
Where Southwest goes, low fares follow. That's a well-known phenomenon called the "Southwest Effect." Travelers love it; major airlines fear it. Now, Philadelphia will start feeling the effect, and the forecast there is for lower fares all 'round.
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USAir has low fares to Amsterdam -- the perfect gateway to the rest of Europe.
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Reader's Voice
From Carol Schwartz: "I just returned from a trip to the Florida Keys. My husband and I were tired of the freezing weather in Philadelphia and decided to treat ourselves to the warmth of Florida sunshine in February. We were not disappointed. Our destination was the town of Marathon which is located about halfway down the Overseas Highway between Key Largo and Key West. Marathon is a lazy little laid back kind of place. All you need to bring is sunblock, a bathing suit, shorts and a tee shirt and you will be prepared for your stay."
From Jean Frazier: "Many thanks to Frommer's for the great tip in the January 5 Newsletter about the inexpensive packages to the Azores out of Boston offered by Azores Express. After doing some research, we decided this would be a great break from the Maine winter. SATA Airlines was fine, and we were thrilled to find ourselves in such an exotic destination after just a 4 hour and 10 minute non-stop flight."
From Rebecca Manship: "My husband and I are fortunate to have been invited to visit Japan and stay in the home of a charming woman we met in NYC a few years ago. This will be our first visit to Japan and we are unsure of the etiquette and cultural differences involved in being a quest in a private Japanese home."
From SuzyKane: "I received an email notification of an introductory fare of $380 for departures up to May 15 from Washington to Milan. I hope some of the Frommer's readers can take advantage of this."
From Johanna Barraza: "Has anyone experienced one of the recently cancelled flights to or from Dulles airport? I think the flights I have heard most about are the Air France flights which I am taking in late March. How did the airline handle the cancellation? Was an alternate flight/airline arranged? Were any accommodations offered?"

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