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Not only is February the shortest month of the year, it's also salvation for baseball fans whose eyes and ears turn towards Florida and Arizona for the annual rite of passage known as Spring Training and the opportunity for fans to get a head start on America's favorite pastime.
Young adults armed with a student I.D. card have luck and youth on their side in the travel game with access to low airfares, hotel deals and a host of student discount travel sites offering way-low deals on Spring Break trips.
School's never out for summer with these college and university-based programs that will expand your mind. In this first part, we look at a few of our favorites.
As we were going to press (so to speak) with this Newsletter, we received word from one of our favorite travel providers about a small grouping of deals to two of Europe's pinnacles of tourism. In turn, we bring news of these values to you.
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Jacksonville, FLA from the water
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Reader's Voice
From Celeste Rubanick: "My upcoming Auto Europe rental car in Germany (which was the same price as Hertz) is to include a free cell phone rental after $40 shipping and handling. After I pre-paid my car rental (which was required), I was told they would be locking up $500 on my credit card for possible minute charges and that the phone number would be a U.K. number -- even though I'll be in Germany. Does this sound wrong to anyone, or am I overreacting?"
From Andrea Wabeke: "I was just wondering the general thoughts of the veracity of comments on this site. I'm now more confused than ever about booking a room in London. Just looking to see others' opinion of its reliability. Thanks!"
From Bruce Burger: "Looking for ideas on visiting Belize with kids age 5 and 7. We want to spend 4 days on the beach and 3 in the jungle. We don't need luxury, just decent places in great locations."
From Anya: "I'm looking for the lowest-priced way to spend the full month of November in Vienna. A few hostels during that period are ¿340/mo or about $450/mo. Are there any other accommodations that are any cheaper if you commit for a whole month?"
From YogiTroy: "I am a 30 year old yoga instructor from Florida, and I'm planning my first trip to India for this coming summer or fall. I might be in Hawaii in July, and was thinking that while I am "in the neighborhood" (or at least half way there) that I would make my pilgrimage. Of all the topics discussed, I have yet to see any on Ayurvedic or Vedanta studies, meditation or yoga practices. Does anyone have any tips or advice as to where I should visit? My itinerary is pretty open, and I could travel as late as October, if as I suspect, it is unbearably hot in July."

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