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Kay Pratt's rental car gets a ticket when she stays in a San Francisco hotel. Problem is, the car was under the care of the property's valet services. Now she wants the $85 ticket refunded, but the hotel is stringing her along. Is she stuck with the ticket?
Fish therapy means dipping your feet into a pool of thousands of tiny fish, who then nibble on your skin, exfoliating and removing the dead skin cells from your feet and legs.
This week's roundup of deals worth looking at includes a package deal to Ecuador, 30% off of a NYC hotel, one of the lowest priced airfare deals to Singapore, and more.
The National Ability Center is a facility conceived with a unique purpose. This is where you come to recover from a disability, whether it be physical or cognitive, regardless of your age and background, or where you bring a family member for therapy while you vacation together.
They're still digging up treasures in Egypt, says Dr. Zahi Hawass, chief of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities and a modern-day Indiana Jones of sorts, describing his current searches in Alexandria for the burial sites of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. All this excavation brings in over 11 million tourists a year, making hospitality one of Egypt's largest industries.
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From J-Mo: "Making my way to Paris in March for the first time and was hoping for some recommendations as to music, nicer clubs, dancing, etc. I've read many of the posts but would love a few more that will not break the banque!"
From Queenie: "Planing a trip in September staring in Nashville and ending in Branson. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced place to stay in a good neighbourhood?"
From Violet: "Keen to hit the best spots for the cherry festival and to get a flavour of traditional accommodation. Two girls traveling alone, so safety is a concern. What are the safe night spots in Tokyo and Kyoto?"
From jbead: "We're planning to have our honeymoon in Costa Rica in late April/early May, and want to enjoy some beach time, wellness (yoga classes) and eco-tourism (hiking, water sports, wildlife)."
From julia: "Who can advise best places or a tour for these days? Is it possible to achieve with public transportation? Want to travel on a budget. What about the weather at this time, is there much rain?"

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