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As the winter winds down, consolidator 1800FlyEurope.com is trying to grab your last few vacation days with fares to Brussels that make Europe a viable long weekend trip. London will probably always be the cheapest European destination to fly to -- FlyEurope's February and March fares to London run as low as $179 roundtrip -- but spending a little more to bounce into Brussels puts you in prime position to explore Belgium and the Netherlands.
If you plan to visit a number of national parks and monuments within a year, a National Parks Pass, which still costs just $50, will save you a bundle.
Cheap fares this week aren't all in and out of Philadelphia. Led by discount airline ATA and struggling carrier US Airways, we're seeing great fares all over the map, and we wanted to share them with you.
Most visitors to Japan see Tokyo or Kyoto or both, then head back home. But there's a lot more worth investigating, in locations near enough to reach with just a short train ride.
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From hmm: "We're planning to take a day to drive on up to Niagara Falls from Buffalo, but our trip is so short that, in order to fit that in, we'll have to be crossing the border back to the US around midnight, to catch our 6 am flight out of Albany. My questions are: are we likely to have any trouble crossing the border (a) in a US rental car (b) in the middle of the night? Do we need to allow for more time? Do we need some kindof special permision from the rental agency?"
From Ken Dean: "I am getting set to leave on a backpacking trip to Europe and the UK and am planning to stay in hostels. What I want to know is the difference between different sorts of hostels. Such as, what are the differences between youth hostels, YHA hostels and independent hostels, and how can I tell them apart? What I am really after is the hostels with no curfew, and if there are ones where different sexes can share a room. Your help on this matter would be really appreciated."
From John Junior: "What's the deal with tipping in the all-inclusive resorts? Do you tip at buffet style dinners? How about bartenders and cocktail waiters?"
From Derek Gibbs: "Me and 3 friends of mine are planning on leaving Chicago in late May - early June and drive west. See the Dakotas, Montana, etc stopping at Yellowstone, the Badlands and other natural attractions, camping most of the way. Any one have any adivce, stories, tips, tricks or any help?"
From D Belk: "When I would print out the messages here, the right side word or two would get chopped off. This resolved it for me: I use Internet Explorer, Click on File and then on Page Setup, enter zero in the Left and Right margin settings and click OK. Hope this helps!"

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