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While we're away enjoying the long holiday weekend, enjoy these previously published articles -- plus new selections in the Readers Voice.
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For two weeks, you're living in a centuries-old farmhouse in an olive grove. You can walk to town for fresh meat and produce and cook them at home, or you can hop in your car and drive through rugged, wildflower-covered hillsides to larger towns in a matter of hours.
You know the drill by now: Amtrak has semi-secret discount codes that shave money off fares, so there's really no reason to pay full price for your rail journey. Between the fire-sale fares and discount codes, you'll find cheap rides from sea to shining sea.
At some magic turning point during the last week in March, the navy blues, grays, and khaki tones that dominate the walkways of Washington, D.C., give way to the most unsenatorial shade of pink, when thousands of Japanese cherry blossoms erupt into bloom. And for the following two weeks, the capital almost becomes a different town -- where even the most ashen, world-weary legislator gets a blush in his cheeks while walking under the arcade of cotton candy-like trees along the Tidal Basin
Maybe you visited Hawaii B.C. (Before Children), or maybe a trip to Hawaii has been the dream for years. There's no place on earth quite like this handful of sun-drenched mid-Pacific islands.
For several years running you would have done yourself a favor if you would have waited to book your cruise until a month or so before departure, when rates would most likely be lowest and you'd almost be guaranteed a decent cabin even just a week or two before sailing. Today it's a different story.
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Washington, D.C.
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Reader's Voice
From reneeautumn: "I'm thinking of taking a two or three week trip backpacking alone through Turkey. I'd rather not take a tour. Is it safe for a woman to travel alone? I'm very cautious as far as keeping most of my cash and all credit cards in my money belt rather than my wallet, being aware of other people around me, etc. Thanks for any advice."
From chellasb: "I am going to Maui for 5 days, does anyone have any suggestions for fun and adventurous activities (besides the typical tourist offers)? Any off the beaten track ideas?
From Kathy Kapes: "My husband and I will be visiting London in May. Since the weather should be warm, what is considered proper daytime dress for Americans? Are shorts or capris acceptable, or are long slacks best? What about wearing running shoes?"
From lilyivy: "Hi all, just thought I'd share a few pieces of info. Georgetown & 7 mile beach are in pretty good shape after Hurricane Ivan. The east side of the island took the worst of it but there are still places closed in GT or 7 mile that may never reopen."
From misterchicken: "This is a fantastic site, I am really happy to see everyone sharing their vast info. Thanks! My 14 yo daughter and I planning 6 nite stay in Paris, maybe May, still looking for deals etc. I know this wish list is extensive, but I'm wondering about the follwing.

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