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The romance of travel has all but disappeared as travelers seek the quickest and easiest way to reach a destination. But what if getting there was just as important as the destination itself?
Do you like to settle into one town when you travel -- getting to know the country by knowing your neighbors, and using that starting point as a hub for your expeditions? If so, you might want to consider a home exchange for your next vacation.
With well-priced hotels that run from luxury lodging to rustic accommodations and inexpensive day trips that take you out into the blue Caribbean Sea for snorkeling, diving and deep-sea fishing, Belize has become one of the world's most diverse adventure, eco and pure relaxation destinations.
Savannah, the city of genteel, beautifully preserved antebellum quads, is anything but square. Even its prettiest, most proper attributes come rigged with a deliciously seedy underbelly.
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From webbuzzard: "Amtrak just initiated a small group promotion on select Regional trains in the Northeast Corridor. The firt two travelers pay full price, the third through sixth get 90% off."
From qtpie275: "I am planning a trip for my second anniversary and would love to visit the French Riviera. Is St. Tropez an ideal destination for just a regular couple (middle class on a budget)? Or is another destination a smarter choice? Your suggestions for another locale in the area are appreciated. I dont know the area or culture but really want to broaden my horizons."
From alpotter: "Just got back from Manhattan - had a great time. Below is a list of cheap but fun things that we found to do plus some things I would recommend not missing."
From jjmcc367: "So many people have gotten sick after being on flights this last month. Any one have tips of things I can do to avoid spending my vacation sick after being on coast to coast flight this Friday?"
From katlake: "I found so much helpful info on this site, thought I'd post a summary of the trip to give some ideas to people. My boyfriend and I were there for 1 week Feb 11-18."

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