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With beauty in cities, mountains, beaches and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, Thailand's tourism continues to bustle, a little over a year after the tsunami.
Greetings from freezing cold Canada (brrr!). Last week we left off in Sydney, Australia where it was summer. What a contrast, huh? It's amazing what a country can do to you. Sydney is where my dad and I finished up our incredible father-son vacation that also took us to Fiji. After a few days relaxing in L.A. my dad went back to the cold (and snow) of the East Coast. I followed shortly, to the cold of Canada.
Jason Sheftell highlights new offerings from Gate1, Picasso Tours and Go-Today that feature northern European capitals at surprisingly affordable prices.
It is true to say that no trip to Peru would be complete without a trip to the famed Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, located high in the Andes. But for many visitors, this and perhaps a short stay in Cuzco and Lima is the extent of their adventure to Peru. What they are missing out on is a Peru that is full of cultural, historical and environmental wonders, from the rainforests to the arid landscapes of the Colca Canyon, the Amazon jungle to the cultural centers like Arequipa.
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From diana143: "I am hoping to convince my husband that we can afford a trip to Europe in the near furture but I need a little help. Since he is a left brainer (analytical) and I am a right brainer(not even close to analytical), a breakdown of the actual costs would be the best approach for him. Does anyone have or know of a spreadsheet that has a list of the standard or common costs incurred when travelling abroad?"
From rc: "I hate to bring up such a sensitive topic, but clearly its one that would apply to India. I had wholeheartly began planning a 2-week luxury trip to Northern India for this November/December having read the many posts here and having seen some of the wonderful looking hotel/palaces that can be stayed at along the way. Then I saw a film that illustrated the extensive poverty, begging and disgusting filth found around. In particular it showed dead bodies floating in the Ganges near Varanasi. This made me question whether I was nuts to even subject myself and my wife to this. It's not that we're prudish and have travelled throughout Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Morocco which too, reflect these qualities. I am now question however, whether India is just a place that is too extreme. While I know this may be a relative thing, nevertheless we are looking for a cultural, yet luxury trip. Thoughts and feedback would be very much appreciated."
From achtungx: "Why is the city of Kilkenny so often overlooked? I spent 3 weeks touring Ireland back in '98 and Kilkenny was a major highlight of the trip. The town is home to a great beer, is reknowned for the # of pubs it has per capita, has a wonderful storybook town feel to it, and has a centuries old castle in the middle of town."
From jackjack: "We plan to visit Phoenix, Sedona & the Grand Canyon in late March/early April. We have 2 children ages 13 & 10. Is the mule trip a good idea? Any lodging recommendations in Phoenix, Flagstaff or Sedona or Grand Canyon plus favorite things to do will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!"
From awaywego: "I haven't traveled in a while and am curious about the latest in airline domestic change fees for same-day travel. I hear a $25 fee is pretty standard now that stand-by is no longer an option -- is this realistic, or is there fine print involved?"

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