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One thing we know to be true is that visiting Shangri-la has traditionally been expensive, but prices have been dropping steadily as evidenced by these packages featuring Tibet
There's an extra day in February this year, and this last-minute discounter sees that as something to celebrate. They're offering $59 off any packages booked in the next few days for the Leap Day weekend and the first weekend of March, making their last-minute air-and-hotel getaways better deals than ever.
Loyal readers on our Message Boards have started to ask, "When are the peak-season deals coming?" Soon, folks, soon. For now, several airlines have started to heat up late spring with great fares to the England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Spring is the high and expensive season when March and April see an influx of student travelers celebrating their spring breaks. Post-Easter is a better bet for a less crowded experience. If you travel for reasons of romance, you can just barricade yourselves in your resort and forget about such matters.
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From Jacqui P Knight: "I'm a frequest contributor. What I'd love to hear is what people thought of the advice given them. Was it good? Was it bad? You can spend quite a bit of time thinking of itineraries and attractions and adding special touches to itineraries, press the SEND button -- and you never hear from them again! When you return from your trip, please add some feedback to the Message Boards!"
From Janet Belden: "We booked a double room from Orbitz and when we got to hotel, there were no double rooms available, but we were charged that rate anyway. Orbitz says it's the hotel's fault and the hotel says it's Orbitz' fault as they do not check inventory before renting rooms. We are letting our credit card straighten this out."
From Joy Hunter: "Does anyone have any input on volunteer vacations in Hawaii? Our extended family is looking to spend some time this summer in contirbuting back to Hawaii. We think this would be a great bonding and reconnecting experience for our family and a vacation well spent."
From A Wilson: "I prefer to use ATM's for money when I travel. Are ATM machines available in large hotels, tourist areas, malls or just banks. I don't like the hassle of exchange rates, charges by hotels to cash traveller's checks, etc. Will American dollars be accepted? Thanks for the help."
From Jane Fricke: "I will be in Paris this August and looking for some lost cost things. Any tips on free museums, shows or walking tours? Looking for any tips."
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