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As summer vacations roll around, plan to expand your horizons learning to cook, making a film, getting in shape or what have you.
We've rounded up the best sales currently being offered by large online agencies, plus we've found a few specials on Alaska itineraries, price cuts for couples celebrating certain anniversaries and low rates for gay groups on the Queen Mary 2.
Before you start your search for the lowest airfare, you may want to consider booking your flight as part of a travel package or an escorted tour.
Instead of that, here's a short list of what's happening in the New York City museums this Spring and how little (in some cases almost nothing) you'll have to pay to get in.
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Reader's Voice
From caper: "I will be flying into Houston around April 1, renting a car and taking a road trip to Biloxi, New Orleans, San Antonio, maybe through Dallas area. I have about 2 weeks, and I'm not completely set on itinerary. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I mainly want to see Texas and some Louisiana. Thanks."
From Michael F: "As everyone was very helpful for me, I want to do the same for others. Here are some of my reflections and opinions, as my wife and I just got back from a one week vacation. If it sounds like we were extremely satisfied, that is because we were."
From syzafar: "For the past three years we have been salivating over the possiblity of moving from Cincinnati to a place like SF, NYC, Boston or even Philly. Now, a great opportunity at Duke has presented itself for both of us. We're just a little bit concerned about moving to a small college town like durham. Any big-city types out there (or anyone, really) who moved to the research triangle area? How has it been? Are there interesting things to do? How's the restaurant scene? Any cool neighborhoods? Basically, will we be bored out of our minds?"
From nesjac: "Has anyone done any biking in or near Prague? Several cousins are planning a trip to search for our grandmother's roots and would like to add a short biking trip to our July itinerary if feasible."
From Fuller: "We own a timeshare and can exchange for many destinations throughout the world. We want to go international and are considering Greece. But where in the world are the most expensive resorts that we can exchange to and maximize our investment?"

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