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Although we would never presume to predict where airfares are heading (we'll leave that for those with a more adventurous nature), we can tell you that airfares on many routes, both domestic and international, appear to have headed downward.
In this series of monthly tips, you'll find some terrific ideas to help you get the most out of every trip. This time around, I share some insight about the best ways to travel alone.
Spring is just around the corner and it's a time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Here is a selection of festivals that celebrate whales, ostriches, tulips, American architecture and gardens, and wine.
It's been almost a year since American Airlines started charging passengers for their first checked bag, a move that every other legacy airline quickly followed. It's taken almost that long for the luggage industry to catch up to that unfortunate new reality.
The departures are a long time from now: November 15, November 22, and December 6, 2009. But the package must be bought prior to March 31, 2009. It comes from the highly-esteemed China tour operator, China Spree.
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From sognodelmare: "I have experience traveling through the North and am venturing more south to explore more of Rome than I had time for before, but focusing on the Bay of Naples, with Sorrento and Ischia as bases."
From citylover: "Traveling to Egypt in three weeks to Cairo, cruise on Nile, Luxor and Aswan and need some suggestions on the below."
From Jacobb: "Instead of believing everything I hear from friends, I'd like to ask those in the Thailand region area at the moment whether or not they would advise a trip to Thailand."
From sarahgael: "I will be flying in to Cancun on 2 July and have a conference in Morelia on 15th of that month. I love the beach but am anxious to avoid typical, over-priced tourist spots that are devoid of real culture."
From auntmoemoe: "We haven't thought about what time of year to go, where to stay, what to see, or anything. We are trying to go on a budget, so obviously, money is something of an issue."

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