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Aptly nicknamed France's Garden, the Loire Valley is a Treasure Land of famous French castles, tasty vineyards, and small towns nestled on hilltops and in valleys where the goat cheese is as fresh as the morning dew and the cobblestone as old as Rome.
Buying a plane ticket, renting a hotel, visiting museums and eating out is par the for the course when it comes to the standard American vacation. Why not consider some alternatives that give you a deeper look into Italy's culture.
This spring and summer, try these two new air routes and enjoy the lower fare and easy access to places heretofore difficult and expensive to reach.
These remarkable landscapes and spectacular rock formations are home to America's first settlers -- many of them of the four-legged variety -- namely dinosaurs and megafauna. These areas are also the origin of the most famous dinosaur from the Cretaceous period, the Tyrannosaurus rex.
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From bobesi: "My wife and I have taken jobs, starting in Aug 2005 in Doha. Airfare over and back (in May) is provided, we want to return to the states in Dec/Jan, it looks like putting together separate legs of the flight is cheaper than buying round trip tickets. We are flying to Knoxville Tn USA. Does anyone have idea, suggestions, etc about the easiest way to find the connection options."
From sheba: "My husband and I are traveling (our first time) to Santo Domingo in March and I was told by the Travel Agent passports were not needed that birth certificates were fine. I am so worried about this as the time to leave is drawing closer and closer. Does anyone have any info on this? Your comments about getting in/out of DR would be great and welcomed also! Thanks!"
From thefolks: "I am helping my 80 year old parents plan their last big trip abroad to Barcelona. They love to walk, sight see and enjoy restaurants. I'm seeking recommendations on places to stay, where to go for assistance. They prefer a nice, safe location, easy access to points of interest, private bath (no B &B please). Thank you!"
From cherilou2004: "I am new to Frommer's board (former Fodorite). Hope you can shed light on upcoming trip! I'm flying into Miami and want to stay in a great spot half-way to Key West. We are booked at Ambrosia? Any comments? How are Marathon and Islamorada? This will be our first trip to The Keys after coming to Florida for 30 years -- sbout time huh!? Thanks for any help."
From jbotelho: "My girlfriend and I life in San Francisco and are planning a trip to wine country for our two year anniversary. Despite being local, we need some input."

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