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The advice you need to plan a trip the whole family can enjoy -- and remember for a lifetime.
Cruises by nature can be super romantic, and while every cruise port isn't hot, there are plenty that sizzle.
You don't need to check luggage. Never, ever again. Smart packing and traveling light helps now more than ever -- especially when it comes to keeping your wallet from getting too light.
What will it cost you to see the world this month? Find out the cost of beer in Boston, a hotel in Japan, dinner in Poland, and more travel essentials around the world.
Promotions to Disney World are nothing unusual, but they rarely give you everything you need. Liberty Travel's offer leaves you with enough money to actually have some fun, too.
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Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala
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From CC333: "I've been to the Yucatan peninsula, so I'd like to see a new area of Mexico. Is the Pacific Coast home to any ruins or other historical landmarks?"
From alg28: "Any info would be appreciated. How is the food? Weather? Never been to an AI."
From Carmen W: "Thought we would squeeze in 2-3 nights in Texas. Which would be the best place for us to visit, Austin, Dallas or Houston? We are early 30's, love food, music and shopping."
From Peggo: "After a lot of research on this wonderful site as well as several books I have come up with a tentative schedule for three adults. Is this doable?"
From jerry2010: "I am planning a trip to UK, Spain, Portugal and Prague. I usually travel with AM Express Travelers Checks. Is it better to have Euros or USD to exchange, or US Travelers checks?"

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