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As winter winds down, various airlines are offering sales to the Caribbean. There are plenty of low fares to the Caribbean out there right now, but to find the best ones, you're going to have to compare and shop around.
Just to be sure that their hotels have less empty rooms this spring, several chains are offering deep discounts on some of their properties, while praying for a summer rebound in reservations. Take advantage of these before business improves and prices start crawling back toward the sky.
We continue to publish Amtrak's online discount codes as they appear -- magic alphanumerics that can cut your fares by 20%.
As winter's doldrums drag into their final month, the lure of the South Seas still beckons. Sure, you can go there anytime, thanks to perfect weather nearly year round, but now is the moment if you want a real deal worth writing home about.
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From Steve Ray: "Has anyone here taken a language course abroad that was offered by onal Registration Center for Study Abroad, which was discussed in a recent Frommers.com article? If so, I'd like to hear your reaction to it. Thanks."
From Donna Cuervo: "I just returned from Italy, and I don¿t think it¿s news to any of us that the dollar is undervalued to a degree that is very disappointing for American travelers in Europe. The last time I was in Italy, 85 cents bought one Euro. This time $1.25 bought one Euro. It¿s like going shopping and paying about 30% over list price for everything you buy. Since I was traveling in February, I was paying 50% discounted winter rates for my hotels. I paid about 65 ¿ 70 Euro per night for 3 stars which was fine considering I was staying in expensive cities. However, come spring these prices will double for high season and will be very poor value."
From Dr. S. Cranford: "From past experience, one would do better to not buy this pass on the internet, but, buy it at the first National Park you visit. I had a terrible experience when I bought this on the internet with my credit card two months before my trip. I never received the pass."
From Leona Weinberg: "It's now March. I'm traveling to Spain in late May. I thought by now I'd be seeing some fare sales that covered late spring and summer, but everything is $600 and above. I need below $500. How long should I wait before I get desperate and do Priceline? I thought by this time the airlines' focus should be off the winter and into some good promotions for the upcoming months."
From Gaye Fann: "Has anyone ever tried these? I read about them on Frommer's. One is called CruiseMates.com & another is CruiseCompete.com. Apparently you make 'an offer' at this website & within a few hours you have several agents vying for your business, not knowing what the others have offered. Just wondered if it really works."
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