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Discounts and special offers to New York City, Egypt, and three more destinations around the world.
Accidents -- good and bad -- happen when we're away. More so, maybe, because there's a certain randomness about travel -- a sense that the unexpected can happen.
Not only is the State Department raising the cost of visas, it's also upping the price for a first-time passport to $135. Tell them you don't like it.
The advice you need to plan a trip the whole family can enjoy -- and remember for a lifetime.
It may be no "Oasis," but Celebrity's new mega-ship "Eclipse" is rolling out soon and this shot offers a look before it hits U.S. waters this fall.
Whoever said "nothing in life is free" never looked for a hotel deal in Florida. Just in time for spring break, a handful of properties are giving away free nights.
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Giza, Egypt Giza, Egypt
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Reader's Voice
From Haven: "Planning my honeymoon and looking for a warm destination, preferably with beaches and good mountain biking."
From dallas336: "We will have a car. Would like a few restaurant ideas - some nice, some good food and not so expensive. Would like to get outside of San Juan and get a feel for the countryside."
From ka316: "Do you think we can manage the three destinations/two nights at each place thing or we need to cut one of the destinations out?"
From Smez711: "I need help in trying to figure out if we would be better staying in the Beverly Hills/Hollywood area or closer to the Staples Center."
From Ruth Marie: "Looking for points of interest along the way. We haven't traveled by car in years and are looking for stops along to way to Florida."

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