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When an airline has a sale, the travel dates are usually limited and the buy-by date is just around the calendar's corner. With AirTran's latest promotion, they've struck one of these limitations off the list, since most travel is valid through August 22, 2005. Still, you have only until March 10 to make a purchase.
Head to the Paris of the South with some great air and hotel combos that are sure to please.
While you can indeed book your trip on the Disney website, there is no shortage of websites offering travel deals to this very popular destination. We've rounded up some of the best, available now through late spring.
An old pro at creating North America's best beach packages with more than ten waterfront resort towns on both shores, Mexico still has some low-down priced deals to take advantage through this winter. So escape the cold and those horrific Nor' Easters with an all-inclusive package deal to Mexico's Pacific Coast.
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Check Out AirTran's Airfares from the Midwest
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Reader's Voice
From YCC: "I'm staying 8 days in Japan in August and want to spend at least a couple of days in Kyoto. I think I will stay in a western style hotel in Tokyo, but want to try a Japanese style hotel in Kyoto. Is this a good idea with 2 boys (meaning that we have to share bath, and probably eat a Japanese style breakfast)? And, can anyone suggest a reasonable Japanese style hotel in Kyoto that is convenient?"
From lhaskell: "I'm going to St. Lucia for the first time in 2 weeks. Any suggestions regarding cool but not too expensive gifts I can bring back for family and co-workers?"
From warragul: "Please advise me! Last year in September I signed up for the Voyager Travel Club. I paid $200 and then in order to get the vouchers for airline tickets another $30 from WAP or World Adventure Bookings. When I received them via email there is an additional $250 due when reservations are requested -- supposedly to cover taxes, any difference in hotel fees (one must book a hotel), etc. What I am questioning whether it is legitimate or not. I'd rather lose the money I already have invested than risk losing more."
From bgstek: "Just received Southwest Airline's offer to register for a new program they are offering called 'Ding' -- meaning they will send you special promotions they are running and will notify you via computer with a 'ding' sound. You must sign up for this -- has anyone out there registered for this? What is the downside of this offer? Must register by March 7 after which offer will be removed."
From Jennifer Nevins: "I will be in LA in March and am curious as to where the best thrift stores are. I am driving and hope to score some cool stuff that I cannot find at home."

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