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Shellshocked by the weak dollar, but looking for an exotic getaway? Try heading south. Your limp greenbacks will still get you pretty good value in Mexico, Central and South America, and several airlines are offering sales right now to natural, exotic and cultured locations.
we've rounded up a nice roster of affordable lodgings and packages to perennial favorite London, where the British Pound is currently worth $1.83, and to a few other choice EU destinations, where the Euro is running at $1.22.
Unlike Europe, where their four-day Easter weekend is a big deal, there aren't many specials around in the USA, where Spring Break is the key phrase for the travel industry this time of year. However, we've found some rare treats for American travelers to warm locales.
Canada's discount airlines are extending tendrils across the border, claiming to offer lower fares to folks willing to seek out their websites. But because of very high taxes and some smoke-and-mirrors dealings by Canadian airlines, the fares aren't as low as they seem. In fact, of the three airlines venturing south, only one -- Jetsgo -- gets our low-fare seal of approval.
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Reader's Voice
From L Fisher: "Has anyone used priority pass to gain access to the VIP clubs that airlines have at the airports? Is it worth the $99 per year $24 per visit fee? Have you ever been denied access to any of the Clubs that are available in their directory?"
From Kathy Murray: "Recently two friends, my daughter, and I decided to go to New York from Charleston, South Carolina by Amtrak for a long weekend. We had sleeper cars and expected to have a great time. Our train to New York was cancelled due to rail problems and we were sent by bus to Washington, D.C., which was an eight hour trip, and then on to New York. The trip back to Charleston was horrendous!"
From Robert Hauser: "I am going to Hawaii in may and am interested in bring home local food items that can only be found there. They make good gifts and remind me of my trip when i use them. Items like local wines or oils or maybe some honeys or jellys made with local fruits. I am not familiar with the products of Hawaii and have not been able to read anything about them in books."
From SarahcRobertson: "I am a freelance reporter for a finance magazine working on a story about B&Bs and small inns. I am looking to speak to people who regularly stay at B&Bs or people who have had an interesting experience at one recently. For example, you went to a B&B and were under-whelmed -- the actual facilities weren't as plush as advertised, etc. I'd also like to talk to someone who was surprised by the amenities (high speed internet, business center, etc.). Any other interesting anecdotes would be great as well. Have you been able to bargain the price down? Have you found last minute specials?"
From Joe English: "A wise sage once remarked that it was better to travel than to arrive. This thought held me as I set off on a trek to a trio of man-made dams around Rio Blanco, a mountain village near Bonao,in the Dominican Republic for I had never felt the romance of dam-spotting."

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