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If you want to stay cool this summer, there's no better place to do so than in Canada. And if you want to be the first on your block to honor the "true discoverers of America," the Vikings, consider a trip to Newfoundland this year, costing just $1,199, airfare included.
The Homewood Suites by Hilton want you to stay with them while your house is being spring-cleaned, and they'll offer you a $25 coupon from Merry Maids as an incentive. That's not bad, when you consider that rates at the lodgings start as low as $69 per night.
With rates starting as low as $59 per room per night, guests can book a two-night weekend stay (Friday through Sunday) that includes a 4 PM late checkout, free meals for children 12 and under, with children aged 17 and under staying free in the parents' room, as well as that free DVD, of course.
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From Grace Butler: "I stayed at Mohonk several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was great and the old fashioned ambiance a delight. The article failed to mention that they have ongoing actity programs for adults that center on different themes, such as learning another language, gardening, or astronomy. This part makes it intellectually stimulating as well. I highly recommend it for those not looking for Disney Land appeal."
From Jim Trauv: "This hotel needs to get to the 20th century. Great beach, good food, but hideous service. There are no computers, so complaints are written on random scraps of paper which never seem to get passed on to anyone actually empowered to fix them. We spent at least one whole day trying to fix a problem with our rate (the marketing department was selling rooms at one rate without telling the front desk, which therefore wouldn't honor the price)."
From Bride2Be: "We are considering booking our honeymoon with Costco Travel and were wondering what other people's experience has been with them? Positive...Negative? Any feedback is greatly appreciated."
From Angela Bustamante: "I am leaving my job and would like to spend 4-8 weeks abroad in Europe and trying to locate a good working volunteer program that will provide lodging in exchange for work. Most target students and I am in my 30's- can anyone recommend organizations that cater to volunteers of all ages. My preference is Ireland/Scotland but open."
From James Kelble: "This is a strategy that works for me. If they think you have money, which is a low threshold in most of the Caribbean, and the vendor is with a tour company, ask for something in return for your visit. Last time I was in PDC, I received 2 free passes for 18 holes of golf, and a 40% discount for the Tulum/XelHa park in exchange for visiting the Spa Palace. Say to them, what will you give me for my time at your resort? If the answer is nothing, then that is how much time you will give them. Do not get emotional or excited, this is just a business transaction. Any thoughts?"

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