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Looking for Something Different? Discover 9 Great Destinations You've Never Heard Of
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How to get a good night's sleep on blimps, in churches, caves, former jails, and lighthouses; underwater, underground, and in inns shaped like drainage pipes, teepees, and dogs.
Save $15 on bookings with Amex and JetBlue, spend spring in Singapore and Tokyo for less, see the U.S. with Southwest, and find more special offers from airlines.
Where will you be able to find the best deals in 2008? Start with this list of ten destinations.
Throw on a jacket, turn off your Blackberry and join our explorer as he heads into unseasonably cool weather along Florida's low-key, relaxed, and beautiful Gulf Coast.
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Reader's Voice
From rookietrvl: "We're planning for seven to eight full days in Paris with side trips and we'll be buying plane tickets in the next two days."
From workerbee: "We are coming to DC in April. Would it be wise to get tickets for the trolley, or should we walk? Also, how crowded does it get during this time?"
From Eddie Franks NYC: "I am starting to plan a trip to Greece in May/June. I'd like to fly from Athens to Chania and spend a few days there, including a trip to Samaria Gorge."
From Gard Karlsen: "We are mainly heading over there to see my wife's family in Johannesburg but I'm also hoping that we will have a chance to pop down to Cape Town for a few days."
From happymom: "My husband and I are going on our 10 year anniversary in June. We're leaving the kids in search of relaxation and water."

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