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It's heading into autumn in Brazil and time to think of somewhat cooler pleasures now that their summer is waning and the madness of Carnival has faded into memory. Consider these Latin-flavored getaways as a healthy -- and budget-conscious -- alternative to currently pricier European destinations.
The irreverent travel hound takes you along on his South Pacific idyll.
As we said in Friday's Newsletter, over here at Frommer's we've been wracking our brains for ways to save you money in the UK now that the pound is at a painful $1.83. He are some detailed suggestions.
Japan can be a very confusing place. For English speakers, the language is nigh incomprehensible and difficult to learn. Most streets lack names. And although the Japanese are tremendously polite and friendly, cultural differences between Japan and the US are huge. Leave it to the Japanese, though, to come up with a savvy technological solution.
Spring is in the air, and perhaps a degree of confidence is rising (like sap) in the veins of the travel industry, which senses the appeal of higher summer rates to come. These are big bargain packages to some of the continent's loveliest cities, Vienna, Prague and Budapest, and to the Andalusion region of Spain for a learning vacation.
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From Sora Sachs: "Last year my husband and I and some friends went on a bike trip with 'Bike the Whites.' In the past, we used more expensive bike trips, but found Bike the Whites delightful and quite adequate. The inns, the food, and the routes in New Hampshire were delightful. I found out about Bike the Whites on Frommer's and would like to know if anyone knows about similar biking trips."
From Justin LeCheminant: "I've been lurking on the board for a while and now I'm spekaing out. My wife and I will be taking a trip to Europe this September and I've been trying to find low airfare but the best deal I can find from SLC to LHR and then FCO back to SLC is around 950 a person"
From Evelyn Ong: "Just returned from a fabulous trip to Venice. My previous visit was in the summer, but I highly recommend going in winter, when the crowds are fewer and the temperature and smell of the canals are low!"
From Maureen Murphy: "On your recommendation we traveled to china last year with China Focus out of San Fran and saved thousands. The best trip of our lives. Now we want to visit Europe. We¿d like an overall view of Europe -- 35 days, 15 countries or somethng like that. Who is best to travel with?"
From Keiko Jones: "We booked the London one week package through Go-Today after reading about it in the Frommers' newsletter. Our hotel was the Thistle Kensington Park, about mid-range in their hotel listings. The carrier was United Airlines. It was a wonderful trip. The hotel was clean and comfortable, the staff courteous and helpful."
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