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Rising ferry rates, changes in places to stay and the opening and closing of restaurants could affect your summer plans. Read on for all the details.
Check these sales to South America, the Caribbean, some U.S. routes and a special deal for Canucks looking to head to Paris.
While you can always hightail it to Belize, the Cayman Islands, the Turks and Caicos or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to find hotels that offer dive services or day-trips into the deep ocean, travel providers can also hook you up with stay-and-dive packages in great dive locations all over the world. They can also you hook you up with certification classes and deep-water dives.
The Atlantic Maritime coast of Canada extending from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the south to Labrador and New Foundland in the north features some of the most pristine coastal landscapes in the world, along with historic towns, fishing villages and an abundance of marine life and native fauna.
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Cape Cod National Seashore
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Reader's Voice
From wisernow: "Sending deposit for Bed & Breakfast in British pounds: Our hosts have requested a deposit for our October stay. We live in a small town, so when I approached the local bank they wanted $35 to wire $70! Got to be a better way. Hosts do not accept credit cards and have stated they prefer the pound. Any advice?"
From Firkins: "My wife and I have considered long-stay or even perhaps moving to Hawaii. I am sure many have had the same concerns as we have for our pet dog. We do not wish to put her in the airplane hold. We have read so many distressing reports. She is about 22 lbs. and will not fit under a seat. We have also contacted the major cruiselines to Hawaii and they will not allow dogs on board. Has anyone had the same concerns when traveling with a pet? Is there any other way (regardless of the cost) to transport an animal to Hawaii or even a foreign country."
From Jeanne L. Smith: "In recent years, my husband and I have been traveling more to developing countries. We would like to find ways to give back to these people, first, to thank them for the privilege of visiting their country and, second, to help their people in some small, but meaningful ways. What we have done so far is this: We started imposing on ourselves a luxury tax or tithe of 10% of whatever our trips cost us, and we give that money to charitable causes that have a good track record for helping in the countries where we travel. Are there other good ideas for thanking residents of countries who graciously open their doors to us? If so, we would love to hear them."
From Dania: "A short flight from London and I was in Casablanca, the joining point for the trip. I had arrived a few days before the trip giving me some spare time to enjoy the city. I spent my time exploring and getting totally lost on the Moroccan trains, which was not helped by the fact that my French vocabulary stretches as far as 'bonjour' and 'merci' -- I knew I should have paid more attention at school!"
From thefrog: "I beg to differ with the article by Charis Atlas Heelan on 'Live Like the Locals: Learn More about Your Destination with Indigenous Home Stays' with a reference to Kerala, because as we find quite a good number of homestays in Kerala are typically a smaller version of resorts with few cottages spread around a small area. A good lot of homestays, which are mostly concentrated in and around the backwaters of Kerala are run by caretakers and strangely enough the family lives in a different part of the home away from the guest. Homestays in Kerala are a quick way to make fast money and hardly reflects true Keralan culture or traditions."

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