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Most agree that May is the ideal time of year to visit Italy, but March and April, though frequently rainy, also have their advantages. Winter has thawed by then, and the siege of summer tourists and 90-degree days has not yet begun. To sweeten the sauce, a number of operators are slashing prices on air-hotel packages for spring travel.
If you're into the occult or Eastern European countries with beautiful countryside and dark terrain, then Romania might be the adventure trip you're looking for. Several tour agencies offer treks and package deals to Dracula's lair with guided tours through the Romanian mountains.
Filled with great history, beautiful countryside, foggy nights, dark woods, and scenic mountains with dirt roads, stone cottages and constantly smoking chimneys, the Highlands are a wonderful getaway for romantic and adventure travelers.
In this roundup, we take a look at some recently-announced global sales, plus point out a couple of doozies that take you to either Stockholm or Nagoya for under $500.
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From GailH: "I plan to travel to China and Tibet in June. Since the discussion on Bird Flu in China took place in October on this website and the concern about Bird Flu continues to grow, I was wondering on anyone's thoughts now about the safety of a trip to China. We will be in the normal tourist locations and not on farms. My biggest concern would be a quarantine. Is there any possibility that visitors could be detained in China due to concerns about the spread of Bird Flu?"
From Victoria Woo: "OK, maybe it's just me, but some of the rules regarding baggage weight restrictions seem a little illogical. Recently my husband, daughter and I travelled on Continental. For ease of travel, we packed 1 bag. Of course we came back with a little extra stuff and our bag was now 56 pounds. Remember, this is 1 bag for 3 passengers. They tried to charge us an excess baggage fee. Am I just out of it, or should the airline have considered the particular circumstances, in that it was just 1 bag for 3 passengers and only slightly overweight? "
From JEMPROP: "I have seen flash cards (about the size of a credit card) that have pictures of objects needed to span a language barrier. That is chickens, cows, hotels, trains, etc. The object is you point to something and the other person will understand in some basic way what you want or are asking. What are these called and where can I get some?"
From LePaxton: "I just got back from an extended travel stay in Barcelona. I went to a great classical music (guitar and art song sung by solo soprano) concert in the Iglesia del Pi which is right off the main Rambla. It was only 15 euros and it was really cool to see a very, very good performance of Spanish music in a Spanish church!"
Reader steele1580 lists his must-sees, favorites and more.

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