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Aim for the seaside if you're looking for an Italian escape that isn't cluttered with tourists.
This week's roundup features steep discounts from flyer-favorite Singapore Airlines, a new flight by Air France to Paris, Spirit Airlines' audacious baggage fee and more.
If it's monumental architecture and postcard-worthy vistas you are after on your next vacation, you won't want to pass up Germany, the castle capital of the world.
This week we travel all over the place -- from Fez to Rabat to Casablanca to New York to Los Angeles to South Florida. If you're excited about seeing a whole slew of places, read on.
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Reader's Voice
From Rustynail: "My wife and I traveled to Barbados for the very first time on Saturday January 27, 2007 for a two week stay on the South Coast at the Coral Mist Hotel in Worthing."
From Larry8: "I am going to Italy for the first time this year ... I purchased a book called 'Great Eats in Italy' and was surprised to find that most of the restaurants or trattorias listed were not within our budget."
From Rayco1au: "I am wondering if anyone has traveled on China Airlines between Brisbane and L.A. or Vancouver? I would like to know what you thought about this airline."
From littledutch: "We've been using a TA to book a trip to Europe. I'm wondering if we should stop using the TA and start booking ourselves."
From Tahoma: "I have been to the Festival in years past and I am wondering what it is like today (post Katrina)."

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