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Once considered a sport fitting only for the rich and their pocketbooks, golf is now available to nearly everyone -- and we're not talking just public courses, either. As hitting the fairways becomes more popular, a whole breed of golf vacation packagers has sprung up, with offers that put faraway courses within easy reach -- financially and geographically. Here are some current promotions.
Cendant has merged its multiple loyalty programs into one efficient ┬┐ber-reward system
If the outdoors is your piece of cake, take a look at these spots -- some in and some out of our national parks system -- but all worthy of note.
While prices in Europe shoot off the charts, the US dollar has remained relatively stable against the rupee. That means a beautiful, whitewashed room on the shores of Lake Pichola in Udiapur is still $26, a deluxe suite in a 17th-century Rajasthani fort-palace will run you $50, and main courses at Mumbai's top restaurant, Indigo, cost under $10 each.
You think Fiji seems isolated? This intrepid traveler goes island hopping even further out on Castaway Island.
Plagued by a bad economy, Argentina continues to be an economical place to visit for comparatively richer northerners like us. The nation's tourist industry wants you to sample their excellent (and somewhat free-range) beef, the music and theater of the capital city, and the appeal of the tango.
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From Marie Farwell: "Any suggestions for easy to carry but complete phrase books for multiple languages, like French/Italian/Portugese/Spanish/Arabic from English?"
From Diana Rinaldi: "As part of my June trip through the southern regions of Germany I thought of spending a two or three days on the Romantic route and possibly staying in Rothenburg. Have any of you traveled here at this time of the year? I am hearing about throngs of tourists and wonder if we are better off finding accomodations elsewhere."
From John Albert Branca: "Please no political discussions. Merely asking whether the homeless problem is bad enough to detract from a 3 day trip to SF? Would appreciate to hear from couples and recent honeymooners."
From Libbi Moore: "Did a big tour all over Thailand three years ago. My only regret was not spending more money -- everything is cheap, cheap, cheap! I bought my husband 20 silk sport/dress shirts at $1.50 and $2.00 each. Dinnerware -- everything -- was cheap. A handmade crocheted vest for me for evening wear (black with silver balls crocheted in) was only $1.50! When we go back we'll make sure we have access to mucho moolah!"
From John Herrmann "In late January I went to England to stay 16 nights in Bath. I took the National Express bus from Heathrow r/trip for 18 pounds and negotiated a super B&B in a 100 year old semi-mansion for 31 pounds a night. For a long-term stay off-season, contact Highwayshouse.com. Andy and Ros Morley are terrific hosts and serve the grandest, complete English breakfast I've ever had. By the way, I currently live in Poland and am blown away by travel agent prices to Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, the Canary Islands. None are more expenive than about $250-$300 for a week, including airfare and 3 or 4 star hotels. It pays to find your way to Warsaw or Lodz or Krakow and then book your other tours from there."

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