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Use these promo codes and dedicated links to save up to 20% on your train ticket and up to 30% on a companion fare.
From cheaper gas and free car-rental insurance to bonus points for dining out, don't overlook the travel perks that come with many credit card rewards programs.
This week's "That's Ridiculous" looks into how much it can cost airlines to change names on tickets.
Airfare sales from American and United, plus advice on how much time you should budget for tight connections.
With pristine beaches, picture-perfect penguins, or mischievous monkeys, each of these islands offers a private corner of Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and more.
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Courtyard at St. Peter's Basilica, Rome Courtyard at St. Peter's Basilica, Rome
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Reader's Voice
From kojo: "Where is the best place to exchange U.S. dollars into pesos in Cancun? We have not been to Cancun since the mid-1980s. We are staying in the hotel zone."
From ApprenticeWineGeek: "I plan to spend the last few days of my Italy trip in Bologna. Any smaller museums that are worthy of a visit? Is there a shopping area?"
From GraceLWu: "We plan to honeymoon in October. What's the best place to stay? We want a romantic B&B or cottage. What activities are available? Should we rent a car?"
From pault: "Is it safe to tour the city on our own for the day and early evening? Are there tours from the airport? We fly out around midnight so we have from the morning until about 10 p.m."

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