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Our three sales today don't have much in common, except that they're all worth noting. We have fares specials from JetBlue, Frontier, Airtran, Southwest and new-kid-on-the-block, Ted.
Chile and Argentina, as far away as you can get from the United States and still be in The Americas, are more European in ambience than their surrounding neighbors. The mixture of influences from the old world of the Incas and other indigenous peoples and the new world of the Spanish invaders flavor everything you'll experience in southern South America. The countries, as rich in cultural history as there are in natural beauty, offer a taste of Europe with the sticker shock.
We briefly reported Wednesday that the National Parks Service was starting a more robust promotion for summer travel. Travelers will be wise to book as soon as possible to get guarantee that camping spot or room in a lodge during the parks' busiest season.
A pod of Podiatrists pick America's best walking cities; we judge the results.
When I mentioned this tropical paradise to friends, I could see them turn green with envy. It was amazing.
Though Asia is becoming more familiar to seasoned American travelers, big hunks of it remain nearly unknown. Most of the time, that translates to "expensive," but we have recently begun to see more moderately priced excursions into areas previously off-limits by virtue of high costs, such as Tibet, about which we wrote recently. Now come two more "hidden" parts of the continent with reasonably priced package trips -- Bhutan and Yunnan.
We've cherry-picked the best deals that a handful of major travel agencies are advertising this week.
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Iguazu Falls
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Reader's Voice
From Tracy Soltesz: "I am considering backpacking and hiking along the Great Wall this coming August and am having trouble finding information about the logistics of this. Most books I have come across talk about "day trips" to the tourist areas of the wall, but do not give any information for serious hikers. Is it possible to simply hike along the Great Wall for several weeks?"
From M Hynes: "A guidebook I am reading tells me that attacks on foreigners in the form of violent muggings and pickpockets are on the rise in Barcelona. We would love to spend some time in this fascinating city this year, but have a concern after reading this. Do any Frommer's readers have anything to contribute here?"
From Donno2: "A host of Web sites work to entice you into visiting Croatia, and a surprising number have versions in English."
From D. Sewell: "Moorea must be the most beautiful natural place I've ever seen. When films are made about Tahiti, they make them in Moorea. Magical sunrises and sunsets, astounding snorkeling, and amazing flora are the order of the day. Even the chickens are great looking, and even the bad weather is an experience to savor."
From Betty Brown: "Looking for suggestions on long-term/long-distance car rentals. A friend and I are planning to drive across country for about 6 weeks in June and July, starting in N.C. and going up thru Chicago, across Montana and Northwest, down the California coast, hitting lots of national parks. We're thinking a round trip might be too much at our 'mature' ages, so plan to rent a car one way and fly back home. And yes, we thought about a motor home, but we don't "do" camping and decided we'd rather stop in motels."

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