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Discover what's taking place in cities around the world with Frommers.com's new global events calendar. Find out about everything, from concerts in Tokyo, to plays in London , to celebrations and sporting events in New York City, Rome -- and everywhere else.
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There are literally thousands of markets that take place on a daily or weekly basis in villages, towns and cities across France, and the notion of coming home with a priceless antique (even if it only cost you $10), can become the highlight of your vacation.
Want a cheaper, more authentic European vacation? Just head east.
While precious little official news has been released on the subject, by far the greatest cause for speculation and concern across Cuba remains the health and future of President Fidel Castro.
Several airlines and packagers that are offering special rates to Germany as winter struggles to turn to spring and bulbs force their green fronds up through the melting snow.
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From john dough: "I've heard that there is a lot of gunfire and bombs that can be heard going off from neighboring islands at night. I've also heard that these islands are not under any kind of governmental controls."
From cbloemers: "In August my girlfriend and I will be flying from London to Rome. We would like to travel by train from Rome to Cinque Terre, then to Innsbruck, Austria (overnight train) and then finally to Munich."
From matt77: "Well, we finally got around to making the drive from Valparaiso to La Serena so I thought I'd write a quick report. The drive is pretty easy. You can take the coast(ish) road from Valparaiso up to the turn off around La Laguna and from there join the motorway (Ruta 5)."
From BayGal60: "We're flying from San Francisco to Berlin in May, then back again late in June. All the flights we are considering have at least one stopover, in Paris, London, New York, etc. We need to choose between Delta, British Air or Continental."
From New Atlas: "My son has never seen the ocean and I want it to be an awesome first experience when he does. What beach would give him the best first taste of a beach and the ocean when we first come to San Diego? It'll be towards the end of the day when we'll arrive."

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