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A handful of new travel search engines and other interesting travel resources have popped up recently, aiming to fill the gaps that the bigger companies leave in their wake, clamoring for your business, your travel preferences, and your loyalty (one can hope). We've looked at a few of the more promising ones that have emerged.
Austin, Texas. The name alone has a ring to it. Add a new air route from Jet Blue, some stellar barbecue joints with beef ribs the size of Texas and some good travel deals at local hotels, and Austin might be as good a place to visit as live.
When you're nicknamed "the surfing town" and the "town of beautiful sunsets," you better live up to the hype. Rincon, on Puerto Rico's tropical West coast, does.
Among the good news for you who are planning a visit to the Amalfi Coast and its surrounding region is that the local government has committed itself to making Naples and Campania the best tourist destination in Italy -- and it looks like its working.
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Reader's Voice
From T7147: "They happen almost every Sunday night, they've been happening since the 70s, I've been reading articles about it for years, and this time to Paris I was able to go to dinner at Jim's!"
From suzq4114: "We just purchased a time share. I'm wondering if anyone owning one has opinions -- good or bad -- about usage, swapping, how to get the most of it, etc. Thanks!"
From KFisk: "My friends and I are planning a low-cost, backpacking trip to some of the Mayan ruins in Mexico. I am in the early stages of planning, but I was thinking we would spend one week and wanted to see Chichen Itza, Coba, Uxmal and Tulum for sure. Palenque and Teotihuacan are also of interest."
From BWALE: "We are planning to travel to Harrison Hot Springs around the end of June. Does anyone have any recommendations for staying in cabins/bungalows on the lake?"
From nycastle: "I've boiled it down to three game lodges for our trip and wanted to see if anyone could suggest which would be the "best." To be honest, they all sound beautiful and are very close in price, but I figured I'd pose this question to the masses.

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